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Elementary Lesson Plans

The Society has made these lesson plans available to help you teach Wisconsin history. Materials are supported with links to or PDFs of primary sources drawn from collections within the Society's Archives. Designed for grade levels 3-5.

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Learn about various architectural styles that can be found in your local community

Students will learn more about the history of their own family as well as the larger history of immigration to Wisconsin

La Follette and the Progressive Era

Get curriculum suggestions for teaching about Progressive Era reforms in Wisconsin

Help students place their family and community's history in the context of state history with this lesson

Use a local cemetery to teach students about community history as well as the historical information that can be found at a cemetery

Using an educational passport, let students "travel" around the state to learn more about history and geographic regions of the state

Teach your students about how snowshoes were a part of the pioneer experience in Wisconsin

Using historic and current maps, students will identify change over time in Wisconsin communities in this lesson

Introduce students to basic map orientation skills using their own community

Lesson Plan

Community Design Game

Help students understand the physical design and compostion of their community
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