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Discover some interesting facts about Wisconsin

Check out some vital statistics and fun facts about Wisconsin

Learn about the first official government survey of Wisconsin Territory

Learn about America's presidential elections since 1856 and discover how Wisconsin voted.

Classroom Material

Wisconsin State Symbols

Learn about Wisconsin state symbols

Introduce your students to the basics of architectural history and historic preservation through a community architectural survey project

Learn the basic history of Wisconsin

Field Trip or Tour

'Immigration' Field Trip

Old World Wisconsin - a historic site

Explore the Norwegian Area, discover reasons for migration to the New World and what life was like for immigrants once they arrived in Wisconsin.

Examine the oral history and migration experiences of Rubie Bond, an African-American resident of Beloit featured on Wisconsin Public Television

Wisconsin World War II Stories: The Struggle

Get an overview of Wisconsin World War II Stories: The Struggle as well as suggested small group activities to use with your students

Wisconsin World War II Stories: The Pacific

Use a classroom debate to analyze the decision to drop the atomic bomb through the lens of the Smithsonian 50th anniversary exhibit on the Enola Gay

Lesson Plan

Little Elk, 1829

Use the 1829 speech by Little Elk, Ho-Chunk orator, to learn more about Ho-Chunk views on Euro-American cultures

Conflict on the Homefront: Wisconsin During World War I

Learn more about Victory Berger by examing 1917 editorial selections from his newspaper, Milwaukee Leader

Inquire about in-person presentations by archaeologists from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Historical Essay

Lighthouses and Lifesaving

Underwater Archaeology

Learn about the importance of lighthouses on the shores of the Great Lakes.

Wisconsin and the Civil War

Use the 1862 Civil War Draft Riots to examine differing opinions on the Civil War in Wisconsin

Help your students think like archaeologists with The Mammoth Mystery interactive resource.

Learn about the Peshtigo fire of 1871

Reed School - a historic site

Come experience one of the finest examples of rural education in Wisconsin's history.

Use the 1673 journal of Father Jacques Marquette to introduce students to the early exploration of Wisconsin
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