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Need a quick overview of our state's historical era and themes? Check this out.

Classroom Material

Wisconsin State Symbols

Learn about Wisconsin state symbols

Learn to use primary source materials to teach students about the abolitionist movement in Wisconsin in the 1850s.

Use local architectural resources to teach students about mail order homes in the United States

Learn the basic history of Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Life in Early Madison

Learn about life in early Madison

Print these free paper dolls based on the books Rascal and Caddie Woodlawn to find out about kids lives in Wisconsin over 100 years ago.

Wisconsin World War II Stories: The Struggle

Using primary source WWII recruitment posters helps students to understand World War II

Use advertising posters to study technological change in American agriculture in the 19th century

Discover some interesting facts about Wisconsin

Borrow a traveling exhibit about community life in a Native American village 500 years ago.

Learn how artifacts are conserved after they have been excavated from their underwater resting places

Wisconsin in the Civil War: Camp Randall

Examine the experience of Confederate prisoners at Camp Randall through newspaper articles

Wisconsin World War II Stories: The Pacific

Use a classroom debate to analyze the decision to drop the atomic bomb through the lens of the Smithsonian 50th anniversary exhibit on the Enola Gay

Wisconsin World War II Stories: The Struggle

In this lesson students analyze military service record envelopes from Racine County

Learn about the Peshtigo fire of 1871

Field Trip or Tour

'Life on the Farm' Field Trip

Old World Wisconsin - a historic site

Explore an 1860s German farmstead, try doing the chores 1860s farm children did, meet the oxen who work the farm.

Historical Essay

Lighthouses and Lifesaving

Underwater Archaeology

Learn about the importance of lighthouses on the shores of the Great Lakes

La Follette and the Progressive Era

Get curriculum suggestions for teaching about Progressive Era reforms in Wisconsin.

Check out some vital statistics and fun facts about Wisconsin
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