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Help your students think like archaeologists with The Mammoth Mystery interactive resource.

This online exhibit features 14 stunning, large-scale historic murals originally displayed at the 1948 Wisconsin State Fair.

Underwater Archaeology

Learn about why there were so many shipwrecks in the 1800s off Wisconsin's shores.

Print these free paper dolls based on the books Rascal and Caddie Woodlawn to find out about kids lives in Wisconsin over 100 years ago.

Learn how artifacts are conserved after they have been excavated from their underwater resting places

Inquire about in-person presentations by archaeologists from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Learn the basic history of Wisconsin

Discover some interesting facts about Wisconsin

Learn about America's presidential elections since 1856 and discover how Wisconsin voted.

Historical Essay

Lighthouses and Lifesaving

Underwater Archaeology

Learn about the importance of lighthouses on the shores of the Great Lakes

Classroom Material

The Sinking of the Lucerne

Interactive Resource, Historical Essay, Slide Show

Learn about how the Lucerne sank in the Chequamegon Bay in 1886

Learn about how archaeologist explore underwater shipwrecks

See a list of historical highlights from Wisconsin history

A Middle Mississippian Settlement

Learn the history of Aztalan.

Classroom Material

Wisconsin State Symbols

Learn about Wisconsin state symbols

Historical Essay

Life in Early Madison

Learn about life in early Madison

Resource Description

About Reference Maps of Wisconsin

Access approximately 200 modern maps of basic cultural and geographical data about Wisconsin and its history. Perfect for teachers, students.

Learn about the Peshtigo fire of 1871

Borrow a traveling exhibit about community life in a Native American village 500 years ago.

Learn about the first official government survey of Wisconsin Territory
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