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Date: 1911 ca.

Description: Four Ho-Chunk people crossing a bridge spanning the Black River. This photograph was taken before the flood of October 1911, when the bridge was completely...


Hotel Campbell

Date: 1927 

Description: View from road of a man standing in front of the Campbell Hotel, located next door to the Lunch Room. Earl Andrews is listed as the proprietor. A sign pain...

Date: 1911-05 

Description: Panoramic view from street of Martin Lein/Lien's funeral procession, showing Main and Water Streets before the flood of 1911. The procession includes sever...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: View from across street of a dentist office and Baptist Church along a road. Two horse-drawn carriages are being driven in opposite directions on the road.


Railroad Yards

Date: 1926 

Description: View along railroad tracks towards the Merrillan depot and train. The Hotel Campbell is located on the left. A group of children and adults are sitting out...


Indian Petroglyphs

Date: 1960 ca.

Description: Norb Bybee shoots a self-portrait with his camera of petroglyphs that are carved in the face of a rock shelter near Gullikson's Glen.

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: Full-length studio portrait of an elderly Ho-Chunk woman, Mary Snowball Decorra Buffalohead (PayOokSeKah), posing sitting and holding a porcupine quill-wor...

Date: 1909 ca.

Description: View upriver towards the dam, with Black River Falls on the opposite shoreline.

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Full-length studio portrait of an elderly Ho-Chunk man and woman posing sitting in front of a painted backdrop. He is wearing a suit jacket, shirt with wat...


Main Street

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: View of Main Street.

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: A farm family posing in their living room. Sitting from left to right is John Dietrich (1874-1947), Grace Bowman (1879-1964), and Mrs. Lizzie Macke Dietric...

Date: 1911 before

Description: Outdoor portrait of a European American man and four European American women standing on a wooden walkway in a yard. Identified from left to right as: Jim...

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Six Ho-Chunk men lined up for a group portrait at the powwow grounds. The men with sticks in their hands are members of the Bear Clan, who act as police fo...

Date: 1906 ca.

Description: Frank Browneagle (HeWaKaKayReKah) and his wife, Annie Snake (KhaWinKeeSinchHayWinKah) stand in front of their two homes. The domed wigwam (ciiporoke) on th...

Date: 1913 ca.

Description: Panoramic slightly elevated view of Winnebago Indians harvesting cranberries on Gebhart's Marsh.

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Studio group portrait of young Ho-Chunk men posing in front of a painted backdrop. Standing from left to right are George Otter Jr. (HayChoKah), Johnnie Th...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Two unidentified young Ho-Chunk girls with smallpox are kneeling outside their lodge. Some of the Ho-Chunk suffering from smallpox were quarantined during...

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: Full-length tudio portrait of Ho-Chunk men, Charles Sine Sr. and Harry Swallow, both posing sitting, wearing hats, and holding guns in front of a painted b...


Dam before 1911

Date: 1911 before

Description: View from shoreline looking across the dam in front. Black River Falls is on the opposite shoreline, with several wooden structures, including the power ho...

Date: 1907 

Description: Elevated view of the construction site of a dam across a river. Identified as the construction of the Hatfield dam across the Black River in 1907.

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