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Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk man, Will (Willy) Goodvillage (MaHayEKeReNaKAh), posed standing in front of a painted backdrop near a chair. He is holding an...

Date: 1930 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of an elderly Ho-Chunk man and woman posed sitting in front of a painted backdrop. He is wearing a suit jacket, shirt with watch fob, tie,...

Date: 1976 

Description: Panel title. Shows railroads, roads, highways, boundaries, dams, public hunting and fishing grounds, cemeteries, forest ranger stations, plant life, and s...

Date: 1909 

Description: Green Bay & Western train yards.

Date: 1908 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of three Ho-Chunk children posed in front of a painted backdrop. Identified as the children of Chief George Winneshiek (WaConChawNeeKah) an...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk woman, Mary Alice Johnson Decorra Brown (ENooKah), posed standing and wearing beads, earrings, and file bracelets.She is pose...

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a World War One Ho-Chunk veteran, James George Hanakah (PaitchDoAhHeKah) posed sitting and wearing full Ho-Chunk regalia except for his...

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of John Johnson, a Nebraska Winnebago, posed sitting on a chair in front of a painted backdrop with his legs crossed and wearing a suit, an...


Spaulding House

Date: 1942 ca.

Description: Image of the drawing room on the east side in the Spaulding house. The room was furnished by Marshall Field and Co. in 1870.

East end of the room, showin...

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Winter scene with short-Horned cattle on a snow-covered Main Street, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, in front of the Chicago Cheap Store. The Price Manufactu...

Date: 1932 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk woman and girl in front of a painted backdrop. The woman is posed sitting and wearing a shawl over her head, and the girl is...

Date: 1942 

Description: Informal portrait of Charles J. Van Schaick sitting by the window in his gallery, taken by his son Roy Van Schaick.

Date: 1910 ca.

Description: Waist-up studio portrait of a Ho-Chunk man with a beard posed sitting in front of a painted backdrop. He is smoking a pipe and holding a cane in his left h...


Main Street

Date: 1959 

Description: View of Main Street, lined with the fire department, city clerk's office, and Pugh's Battery - Electric Shop.

Date: 1907 

Description: Construction of a dam visible from behind a railroad bridge. A train is crossing the bridge.

Date: 1910 

Description: Large group posed in front of a frame house.

Date: 1931 ca.

Description: Studio portrait of three young Ho-Chunk women, one posed standing and the other two sitting, all wearing modern dress and hats. Bertha Climer stands behind...


Family in the Snow

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: Winter scene with a man, two boys, and two girls standing in the snow outside a two-story brick building, possibly in the town of Vaudreuil.

Date: 1911-10-06 

Description: View of Monsos Brothers Grocery & Crockery after most of the building was washed away by the flooding Black River. High, rushing water can be seen at the r...


Farmhouse on Hill

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: View up hill towards farmhouse. There is a woman using a hand-pump in the yard on the right.

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