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Description: Image of the historical marker for Gays Mills Apple Orchards overlooking the town of Gays Mills, Wisconsin. The marker stands to the left, leaving an eleva...


Covered Bridge

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: View of a covered bridge.


Bridge Across River

Date:  date unknown

Description: View down hill of a bridge across a river. There are railroad tracks going along the shoreline under the bridge.

Date: 1870 

Description: Stereograph of John Lawler's pile-pontoon railway bridge over the Mississippi River.


New Creamery

Date: 1912 

Description: Two men in work uniforms pose on the loading of the newly constructed creamery. Another man on the extreme right is carrying a milk can.


Seneca Street Scene

Date: 1912 

Description: View down unpaved street with a school building on the left on the opposite side of the street. A board sidewalk leads to a two-story dwelling on the right...

Date: 1905 ca.

Description: View of town with St. Mary's Academy seen in the background.


View of Town

Date: 1900 ca.

Description: Dr. Jesse Rowley driving the buggy. Dr. Rowley was a co-founder of the Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.


Looking East

Date: 1916 

Description: View down unpaved street. A group of men, women, and children pose on the porch of a post office. Near them a man and boy pose on a pickup truck which is p...


Street Corner

Date: 1965-07-05 

Description: Street corner with gasoline station, 7-Up sign in front of restaurant next door, and several storefronts across the street.

Date: 1950-05-26 ca.

Description: Apple orchard in blossom on the side of a road. There are a number of cut stumps in the foreground. A house is visible in the background, as well as a watc...


Bystanders Downtown

Date: 1909 

Description: View from street of storefronts, Post Office and group of bystanders.

Date: 1965-07-05 ca.

Description: View from the Mississippi River toward the bluffs. A residential home, old bank building, truck and railroad building are visible. Railroad tracks runs acr...

Date: 1918 ca.

Description: View of the Burlington Railroad tracks south of the city, near Campion College.

Date: 1928-10-20 

Description: Stone crushing plant of the Wisconsin Foundry and Machine Company on Highway 27 near Soldiers Grove, showing a truck being filled with road gravel from the...

Date: 1936 ca.

Description: View along side of road across a field of a village on the Mississippi bluffs, with many houses and telephone lines visible.

Date: 1864 after

Description: A view of North Campus at St. Mary Academy taken from a brick walkway. A few structures are visible in the background, and a bench stands near the path.

Date: 1859 

Description: Steam-powered car designed to run on ice across the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien. The LADY FRANKLIN made one successful trip across, but wa...


Public School

Date: 1920 ca.

Description: Exterior of the two-story public schoolhouse with a bell cupola and flag pole. There is a wooden sidewalk in front of the school building. Branches and lea...

Date: 1830 ca.

Description: This map is ink, color, and pencil on paper and shows streets, farm lots, and a church. Hand written notes appear at the bottom of the map and are very li...

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