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Explore the fascinating stories behind more than 200 of the Wisconsin Historical Museum's objects, most of which are not usually on display. Artifacts were selected because of their significance to Wisconsin history.

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Curators' Favorites Subjects

Menominee fancy dance bustle. Object ID 1982.48.8.

Agriculture and Industry

Learn about objects related to brewing, crop farming, dairying, mining, manufacturing, and tourism.

Typewritter. Object ID 1964.31.


Read about objects related to fine arts, decorative arts and crafts, and the performing arts.

Bowling shirt. Object ID 2008.176.5.

Ethnic Life

See objects related to racial, ethnic, and religious identity, including Native American, African American, and European immigrant cultures.

Rosemaled immigrant trunk. Object ID 200.77.1.

Manners and Customs

Check out objects related to courtship, marriage, death, holidays, rites and ceremonies, fashion, and social life.

Victor Berger banner. Object ID 1992.168.

Politics and Government

Discover objects related to politicians, elections, activism, and government work.

Victor Berger banner. Object ID 1992.168.

Science and Technology

Examine objects related to research, invention, medicine, and applied science.

Victor Berger banner. Object ID 1992.168.

Sports and Recreation

Explore objects related to amateur and professional sports, athletics, outdoor activities, and play.

Victor Berger banner. Object ID 1992.168.


View objects related to land and water travel.

Victor Berger banner. Object ID 1992.168.


Learn about objects related to military and home front activities during times of armed conflict and the Cold War.

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Quilt, painting and vase from the Museum's collections.

The Society’s museum collections include 110,000 historical objects and about 500,000 archaeological items that document the history of Wisconsin.
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