Collection Highlights

Find your ancestors among our 3 million digitized family history records.

Investigate more than 12 million documents, publications, photographs, films or items dating from 1753 to 1985.

Explore more than 25,000 maps of the United States and Canada, most predate 1900.

See more than 75,000 digitized photos, drawings, paintings and other materials.


Government Publications

The Library has a wide array of materials published by the governments of the United States, Canada, Wisconsin and most other states in the union. Some books, agency reports, statistical abstracts and legislative journals date back to the 1790s.

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Government Records

The Archives has original historical records from schools and school districts, towns, counties, state government and agencies, the governor's office and the court system. Some records date back to 1821 when Wisconsin was still part of the Michigan Territory.

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