Portraits of Elizabeth and Henry Baird.


About the Henry and Elizabeth Baird Papers (1798-1937) Collection

The Society holds the papers of these two prominent settlers who participated in the birth and growth of Wisconsin over the course of the 19th century.


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About 70 percent of the Baird manuscripts are available online, including correspondence and selected business, family and personal papers.

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Box 1 Folder 1
Written between 1798 and 1825, these letters detail family and social life, religious life, the legal and banking systems, and family health concerns. The principal correspondents include Robert Baird, Henry Baird, and Eliza Baird. Notable people documented in this folder include judge and future Territorial Governor James Duane Doty (1799-1865), and the Dousman family, who were prominent in the fur trade at Mackinac Island and Prairie du Chien. Locations documented include Cleveland, Green Bay, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and Mackinac Island.
(219 pages)


Box 1 Folder 2
These letters, written between 1826 and 1831 primarily by Robert Baird and Henry Baird, focus on social and family life, including health and illness. Locations documented include Cleveland, Detroit and Green Bay. Of particular interest is a letter dated November 5, 1830, which details court disputes over land ownership around Green Bay presided over by Judge (and future Territorial Governor) James Duane Doty (1799-1865).
(222 pages)


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