House Party, 1927. Painting from the exhibit Framed!

Online Exhibits

Explore the Society's online exhibits to uncover unique facets of Wisconsin history. Exhibits are based on past gallery exhibits at the Wisconsin Historical Museum and include curated images, trivia and brief historical essays.


Fan, painting and ceramic art from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Museum.

This online exhibit features 14 stunning, large-scale historic murals originally displayed at the 1948 Wisconsin State Fair.

Explore a selection of handheld fans and learn about their history.

Learn how paintings from the Wisconsin Historical Society's collection provide clues about the past.

Online Exhibit

Pottery by Frackelton

Explore the creations of ceramic artist Susan S. Frackelton.
Poster from the McCormick collection.

Explore a selection of advertising posters from the McCormick-International Harvester Collection.

Learn about the history of the potato chip at the Wisconsin Historical Museum.

Learn about the story of malted milk, a Wisconsin invention.
Folk Art
Decorative egg and moccasin artifacts from the collections of the Wisconsin Historical Museum.

Explore a collection of decorated Easter eggs.

Explore Wisconsin folk objects and learn the stories behind them.

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