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Organizational Description

Wisconsin Historical Society Leadership

We have a tradition of the best and brightest people leading the way for the Wisconsin Historical Society. Our leaders care deeply about Wisconsin's rich heritage and inspire the vision for the future of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Many are volunteers offering their expertise, time and passion to ensure that we pass on our stories to future generations.

The Wisconsin Historical Society is both a state agency and a membership organization. A strong public-private partnership can be seen through the community leaders on various volunteer boards of the Wisconsin Historical Society. These leaders, volunteers, donors and staff work together to enable the Society to share stories.

Society Board of Curators

The 36-member Board of Curators governs the Society. The Board includes eight statutory appointments and up to 30 curators who are selected according to the Society's constitution and bylaws. Three curators, appointed by the governor with Senate consent, serve staggered three-year terms. The board selects the Society's director, who serves as administrative head of the Society and as secretary to the board. View the current Board of Curators member list.

Society Director

Ellsworth H. Brown
The Ruth and Hartley Barker Director

Society Management Team

Ellsworth H. Brown
The Ruth and Hartley Barker Director

Matt Blessing
State Archivist and Administrator,
Division of Library-Archives

Kathy Borkowski
Director of Wisconsin Historical Society Press,
Division of Historic Preservation-Public History

Paul Bourcier
Chief Curator
Division of Museums and Historic Sites

Jim Draeger
State Historic Preservation Officer and Director of Outreach,
Division of Historic Preservation-Public History

Alicia Goehring
Director of Special Projects

Kate Jochimsen
Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Kolb
Assistant Administrator
Division of Museums and Historic Sites

Wes Mosman Block
Chief Operating Officer

Greg Parkinson
Deputy Director

Administrator, Division of Museums and Historic Sites

Timothy Maahs
Director of Information Technology

Shannon Wendt
Director of Program and Policy

Dave Wilder
Managing Director, Wisconsin Historical Foundation

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