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Businessman and Politician

Discover the history of Joseph Week Babcock

Access Information

View original documents, lesson plans, classroom activities and background essays on key events in Wisconsin history.

Chemist, Inventor, and Professor

Discover the history of Stephen Moulton Babcock

Classroom Material

Hands-On History

Bring the museum experience to your classroom!

Object based education units for the 4th grade classroom

Learn about the development of professional sports teams in Wisconsin in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Historical Essay


Origin of Gleason, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gleason, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Wolf River

Origin of Wolf River, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Wolf River, Wisconsin

Indian Missionary

Discover the history of Eleazer Williams


Discover the history of Christopher Bach

A Brief Introduction

Read about the Stockbridge-Munsee community in Wisconsin and learn more through links to the band's website and to visual materials in our collections.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Historical Essay


Origin of Glenbeulah, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Glenbeulah, Wisconsin.

La Follette and the Progressive Era

Get curriculum suggestions for teaching about Progressive Era reforms in Wisconsin.

Use census records to study immigration to Wisconsin and living conditions in the mid-19th century

Historical Essay


Origin of Woodland, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Woodland, Wisconsin

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Wisconsin troops declared that even the pigs were secessionists and they burned them at the stake for their treason.

Historical Essay


Origin of Farmington, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Farmington, Wisconsin.

Shipbuilder and Businessman

Discover the history of William Henry Wolf

Supplemental materials for the 4th-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State Our Story'

Supplemental materials for Chapter 6 of the 4th-grade history textbook.


Discover the history of Lyman Eddy Barnes
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