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Learn how to repair ceramic tiles in your historic house.

Learn the basics of how to repair linoleum in your historic building.

Social media has become so common that your historic preservation organization may appear out of touch if you do not use it in your operations.

Learn how to remove and replace individual wood shingles on your historic house.

Your nonprofit board will be more successful if members adopt the skills and habits that lead to excellence in these six areas of competency.

Blogging can be a useful communication tool for your historic preservation group to share its advocacy message with a large online audience.

Learn how to repair mortar on your historic brick, stone or stucco building.

A public relations plan can serve as a roadmap for your historic preservation group to effectively communicate your story and message.

One of the best ways to ensure that your nonprofit organization operates ethically is to keep your fundraising practices clean and transparent.

Young people may have much to offer your historic preservation organization - and they could turn into dues-paying members down the road.

Before you sign the paperwork to form a new historic preservation group, learn about your supporters and community.

To make a case for historic preservation in your community, you must understand your audience

See the top maintenance practices you can follow to prevent a costly rehabilitation project.

Student Guides to NHD

Learn about creating a National History Day historical research paper

Explore information about caring for the slate roof on your historic house.

National History Day in Wisconsin

What to do before holding a National History Day event at your school

Guide or Instruction

Why Nonprofit Boards Fail

Nonprofit boards typically fail for one of two reasons: they lose sight of their mission, or they don't adapt to change.

Many tools are available to help your historic preservation group produce and share rich and engaging multimedia content on the web.

Organizing a Fundraising Auction for Your Nonprofit Organization, Part 1 of 3

An auction is a great way to engage members in fundraising for your nonprofit organization, but it is also a huge commitment.

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.
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