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Historical Essay


Origin of Eden, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Eden, Wisconsin

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Historical Essay

Winnebago Lake

Origin of Winnebago Lake, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Winnebago Lake, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Prisons in Wisconsin

Read a detailed history of prisons and other correctional facilities in Wisconsin. This article contains several links.

Discover historical details and explore our online collections related to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Learn about the Disciples of Christ, who first became active in Wisconsin in the 1830s.

Historical Essay

Ashford (Leglerville, Chili)

Origin of Ashford, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ashford, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Notable Fires in Wisconsin

See a list and brief description of significant fires in Wisconsin history.

Historical Essay


Origin of Metomen, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Metomen, Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

Sergeant Major George Driggs of Company E, 8th Wisconsin Infantry, introduced readers of his 1864 memoir to the regiment's mascot and most famous member.

Historical Essay

Niagara (shipwreck, 1856)

Brief description of the burning of the steamer Niagara. Congressman John B. Macy of Empire, Fond du Lac County, was numbered among the victims.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer

Read about this ardent abolitionist who rose from company captain to brigadier general.

Historical Essay

Lime industry in Wisconsin

Brief history of the Lime industry in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

White's Prairies

Origin of White's Prairies

Discover the history of White's Prairies

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

Learn about the 14th Wisconsin Infantry, which served from 1862 to 1865 during the Civil War, losing 319 men during that service.

Historical Essay


Origin of Forest, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Forest, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

“Sons in Service” flag from the Washbush home in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 1917-1918. (Museum object #1985.34.1)

Historical Essay


Orgins of Auburn, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Auburn, Wisconsin

A New Vision for the United States

Discover how a few key political issues in the 1850s gave birth to the Republican Party

Read about the Home for Women, a reformatory for women aged 18 -31, and the State Prison for Women, which became the Taycheedah Correctional Institution.
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