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Historical Essay


Origin of Edwards, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Edwards, Wisconsin.

Brief description fo the events surrounding Milwaukee's Third Ward fire of 1892.

Historical Essay

Utopians in Wisconsin

Brief history of Utopians in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Herman (Hermann)

Origin of Herman, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Herman, Wisocnsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Hingham, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Hingham, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

20th Century Immigration

The History of Modern Immigration in Wisconsin

Discover the economic and cultural changes that brought new immigrants to Wisconsin in the 20th century.

Historical Essay

Synagogue Window

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Window from "The White Shul", a Sheboygan, Wisconsin synagogue, c. 1910. (Museum object #2006.108.1.1)

Term: Abbott [origin of place name] in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Historical Essay

Dutch in Wisconsin

Leart about Dutch immigration to Wisconsin, which peaked between 1840 and 1890 and was divided into Protestant and Catholic group.

Historical Essay

Mullet River, Sheboygan Co.

Origin of the Mullet River

Discover the history of the Mullet River

Historical Essay

Howard's Grove

Origin of Howard's Grove, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Howard's Grove, Wisconsin.

Learn about the oldest cities and towns in Wisconsin which were established by 1836 and still exist today.

Historical Essay


Origin of Erdman, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Erdman, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Glenbeulah, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Glenbeulah, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Kilbourn, Byron (1801-1870)

Land Speculator and Politician

Brief biography of surveyor, land speculator, railroad promoter and politician Byron Kilbourn, twice elected mayor of Milwaukee.

Learn the brief history of commercial vegetable processing in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Slovenians in Wisconsin

Learn about the Slovenians who settled in cities in the southern and eastern parts of the state in large numbers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Historical Essay

Hmong in Wisconsin

Bries explanation of Hmong communities in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay


Origin of Wilson, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Wilson, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Greeks in Wisconsin

Learn about the Greeks immigrants who came to Wisconsin in the early 20th century.
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