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Investing in your resources wisely is the key to maximizing your budget. Learn which resources are worth the money.

If your nonprofit board forms a governance committee, it will serve as your board’s conscience and ensure your board lives up to its potential.

Guide or Instruction

Birth Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using birth records for family history research.

The duties of nonprofit board officers generally break down into three roles: president or chair, vice president or vice chair, and treasurer.

Before you can officially call your organization a "nonprofit," you must apply for tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Get to Know Your Elected Officials and their Staff

Government outreach for advocates means two things: establishing relationships with the right people, and knowing who does what.

Classroom Materials for NHD

Learn about how to bring National History Day into your classroom, including strategies, handouts, and lesson plans

People become members of your nonprofit organization for many reasons, but the key reason is belief in your mission.

Your nonprofit organization's tax status determines whether your organization can engage in lobbying and other political activities

Read about techniques to help you develop a well-written historical marker inscription.

Guide or Instruction

Census Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using census records for family history research.

Terms of use for images purchased from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Conflict will be inevitable in your nonprofit organization, but avoiding a conflict will only waste time and drive people away from your organization.

As your historic preservation organization grows, you may face big decisions about how to accomplish your growing workload.

Your historic preservation group has many options to seek funding for preservation-related arts and humanities projects.

Guide or Instruction

Freedom Summer Sourcebook (PDF)

A comprehensive guide of the most important primary sources for teachers, students and researchers wanting to study Freedom Summer.

Learn how to repair mortar on your historic brick, stone or stucco building.

Your historic preservation advocacy group can make a lasting impression on Congressional members by showing up in Washington D.C.

A potential Wisconsin Historical Marker must meet the criteria for the marker topic and where it will be located.
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