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Biographical Book Excerpt

Martin, Francois-Xavier

Date: 1762-1846

Date: 1765 

Description: Map showing the new British territories of East and West Florida following the Treaty of Paris at the end of the French and Indian War. It shows boundaries...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Dickson, Robert

Date: 1765-1823

Biographical Book Excerpt

O'Neill, Andrew

Date: 1766-1840

Date: 1766 before

Description: Map of the north western hemisphere using sinusoidal projection to show the curvature of the earth. It labels regions, cities, Native American land, island...

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Waldo, David

Date: 1764-1854

Date: 1766-1855

Date: 1760 ca.

Description: Map of North America based upon the cartographic work of de L'Isle. It shows cities, regions, lakes, rivers, Native American land, mountains, islands, and...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Fidler, Peter

Date: 1769-1822

Date: 1761 

Description: This map shows the western hemisphere. Much of the north-west coast of North America is left blank, but the rest of the map lists the names of rivers, citi...

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Jamkowski, Andre

Date: 1761-1868

County: St. Croix

Date: 1766 

Description: Map representing the northern Pacific Ocean along with north eastern Asia and western North America. The interior of Asia contains very detailed engravings...

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Rogers, Samuel

Date: 1760-1852

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Smith, Aaron

Date: 1760-1838

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Tainter, Stephen

Date: 1760-1847

County: Jefferson

Date: 1766 

Description: This map of North America shows the boundaries of European claims at the end of the French and Indian war. The British colonies extend to the Mississippi....

Date: 1767 

Description: Map of the north east coast of America, showing colonial borders, cities, Native American land, lakes, rivers, and a few hills and mountains. Illustrated t...

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Porleir, Jacques J

Date: 1765-1839

Date: 1769 

Description: Double hemispherical map showing the continents, islands, countries, and a few major cities of the world. The routes of a few explorers are depicted and la...

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Foulkes, George

Date: 1766-1838

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