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Date: 1766-1855

Date: 1761 

Description: A plan of the Straits of St. Mary and Michilimakinac, to shew the situation and importance of the two westernmost settlements of Canada for the fur trade....

Date: 1762 

Description: Map including the land and islands surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. The regions and islands are labeled, as are a few rivers and cities. This map was engrav...

Date: 1761 ca.

Description: Map covering southern Louisiana from Lake Ponchetrain to the Golf of Mexico and from Woods Bay in the west to the islands just east of Bay St. Louis. It sh...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Smith, Aaron

Date: 1760-1838

Biographical Book Excerpt

Wright, Philemon

Date: 1760-1839

Date: 1766 ca.

Description: Map of the region south of Lake Erie to the Ohio River. It shows forts, towns, Native American towns, mines, roads, mountains, swamps, lakes, and rivers. T...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Fidler, Peter

Date: 1769-1822

Date: 1763 

Description: Map of America and part of Canada including the borders of European claims after the French and Indian War. Cities, forts, Native American lands, rivers, l...

Date: 1765 

Description: Detailed map composed for the London Magazine of the Mississippi River Valley at the conclusion of the French and Indian War. The British colonies themselv...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Richard, Gabriel

Date: 1767-1832

Date: 1769 

Description: Map of New Orleans at the start of the French & Indian War, including two inset maps of the Mississippi River Delta and Fort la Balise. It shows streets, r...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Doody, Bridget

Date: 1767-1890

County: Iowa

Biographical Book Excerpt

Wilson, Alexander

Date: 1766-1813

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Foulkes, George

Date: 1766-1838

Date: 1760 ca.

Description: This map shows lakes, rivers, forts, settlements, and Native American tribal territory. The southern boundary of the Hudsons Bay Company is labeled. Relief...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Ames, Nathaniel

Date: 1761-1863

County: Dane

Date: 1767 

Description: Map of the north east coast of America, showing colonial borders, cities, Native American land, lakes, rivers, and a few hills and mountains. Illustrated t...

Biographical Book Excerpt

O'Neill, Andrew

Date: 1766-1840

Biographical Book Excerpt

Martin, Francois-Xavier

Date: 1762-1846

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