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Discover ways to repair or maintain shellac finishes on wood surfaces.

Review types of gutters and maintenance tips for gutters on your historic house.

Review methods of removing paint and managing lead paint in your historic building.

Black River Falls Area Foundation

The foundation welcomes grant applications from nonprofit organizations serving the Black River Falls area.

Learn how to identify the methods and materials used to construct your historic house.

Learn about the best roof ventilation solutions.

Learn how to choose exterior paint colors for your historic building.

Learn the history of electrical wiring in Wisconsin to address problems with the electrical system in your historic building.

Learn best practices for replacing original windows in your historic building.

Learn how to choose a professional to help you plan your historic building rehabilitation project.

Guide or Instruction

Weatherizing Your Historic House

Learn methods to weatherize a historic building and practices to avoid.

Review the reasons to preserve the original wood features on your historic building.

Review the steps a professional will take when replacing the foundation of your historic building.

Different types of weatherstripping for exterior doors that will improve energy efficiency of a historic building.

Eligible properties must retain the essential physical appearance of the period in which they were important, and meet one of four criteria.

Learn helpful tips for hiring the right contractor for a historic rehabilitation project.

Explore tips for replacing or repairing roof shingles on your historic house.

Learn about ice damming and how to prevent it.

General Information

Jeffris Family Foundation

Jeffris Family Foundation

This Grant strives to preserve the cultural history and heritage of the Midwest through the preservation of historic buildings and decorative arts.

American Architectural Foundation

This grants program helps local nonprofit design/civic groups produce public education programming for children.
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