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For Properties with Human Burial Sites

Do you own a human burial site in Wisconsin? Learn about your rights and responsibilities under state law.

Learn how to choose a professional to help you plan your historic building rehabilitation project.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This fund provides nonprofit organizations and public agencies grants to assist in the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historic interiors.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

A grant program to help local governments enhance transportation projects.

General Information

Why Buy a Historic House?

Learn the benefits of buying and renovating a historic home.

General Information

Is Your Building Historic?

Determine your building's eligibility for a historic designation and the related benefits.

Learn the value of preserving original restroom features in your historic commercial building.

Review different types of storm doors and learn how to find the right one for your historic building.

How to renovate upper floor space into residential units.

General Information

Dane Arts Grants

Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission

Dane Arts seeks to promote arts, culture, and local history through multiple grant opportunites.

This grant provides funding for non-profit organizations benefitting Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Identify and repair tile and terrazzo flooring.

Learn the necessary elements for historic rehabilitation project work contracts.

Learn about the importance of the streetscape in your downtown and how to preserve it.

Learn methods for modernizing a historic house without disturbing the historic integrity and character.

Review the importance of design guidelines for historic buildings and learn how to interpret them.

Eligible properties must retain the essential physical appearance of the period in which they were important, and meet one of four criteria.

Discover methods for maintaining and improving energy efficiency in a historic building.

General Information

Historic Preservation Grants

The 1772 Foundation

This grant provides funds for the rebailitation and preservation of historic buldings throughout the United States.

Ensure that your rehabilitation project follows historic preservation best practices.
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