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Community: Appleton

County: Outagamie

Historic Name: Appleton City Park Historic District

Reference Number: 02001213

Community: Platteville

County: Grant

Historic Name: Bayley Avenue Historic District

Reference Number: 07000708

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: La Farge

County: Vernon

Historic Name: Upper Kickapoo Valley Prehistoric Archeological District

Reference Number: 99001202

Community: Berlin

County: Green Lake

Historic Name: Nathan Strong Park Historic District

Reference Number: 05000423

National or State Registers Record

S5975 Park Road

Community: Baraboo

County: Sauk

Historic Name: Devil's Lake State Park

Reference Number: 14001192

Community: Milwaukee

County: Milwaukee

Historic Name: Garden Homes Historic District

Reference Number: 90000669

National or State Registers Record

Bounded roughly by Water, Brian, Lynn, and East Sts.

Community: Baraboo

County: Sauk

Historic Name: Ringling Brothers Circus Headquarters

Reference Number: 69000032

Community: Madison

County: Dane

Historic Name: Langdon Street Historic District

Reference Number: 86001394

Community: Platteville

County: Grant

Historic Name: Main Street Commercial Historic District

Reference Number: 90000377

National or State Registers Record

2900 N. Lake Dr. and 2800 E. Kenwood Blvd.

Community: Milwaukee

County: Milwaukee

Historic Name: Lake Park

Reference Number: 93000339

Community: Evansville

County: Rock

Historic Name: Leonard-Leota Park

Reference Number: 12000610

National or State Registers Record

Stout Island, Red Cedar Lake

Community: Cedar Lake

County: Barron

Historic Name: Island of Happy Days

Reference Number: 95000141

Community: South Milwaukee

County: Milwaukee

Historic Name: Oak Creek Parkway

Reference Number: 11000416

Community: Shullsburg

County: Lafayette

Historic Name: Water Street Commercial Historic District

Reference Number: 90000998

Community: Wauwatosa

County: Milwaukee

Historic Name: Washington Highlands Historic District

Reference Number: 89002121

Community: Stoughton

County: Dane

Historic Name: East Park Historic District

Reference Number: 03000335

National or State Registers Record

County Trunk M

Community: Herman

County: Sheboygan

Historic Name: Mission House Historic District

Reference Number: 84001221

Community: Genesee

County: Waukesha

Historic Name: Saylesville Historic District

Reference Number: 03000225

Community: Osceola

County: Polk

Historic Name: Osceola Commercial Historic District

Reference Number: 00001533

National or State Registers Record

National Forest Rd. 2181

Community: Alvin

County: Forest

Historic Name: Franklin Lake Campground

Reference Number: 88001573

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