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Biographical Book Excerpt

Thacher, Peter Oxenbridge

Date: 1776-1843

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Doty, Eunice Bishop (Longworth)

Date: 1771-1846

Date: 1774-10-12 

Description: A repaired letter written by Arthur Campbell to William Preston.

Date: 1777 

Description: Map of Colonial America east of Lake Michigan showing regions, cities, forts, Native American land, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Crossed swords and small...

Date: 1774-10-12 

Description: The back page of a repaired letter from Arthur Campbell to William Preston.

Date: 1778 

Description: This Italian map from 1778 depicts the upper portion of the Old Northwest. Rivers and lakes are identified and relief, real and imagined, is depicted picto...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Ross, Friend

Date: 1778-1879

County: Eau Claire

Community: Allouez

County: Brown

Historic Name: Tank Cottage

Reference Number: 1778

Date: 1778-1887

Biographical Book Excerpt

Noble, Nathan

Date: 1725-1777

Date: 1779-1883

Date: 1774-07 

Description: Front page of a letter written and signed by Dan Smith.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Henry, James

Date: 1771-1812

Date: 1775-1876

Biographical Book Excerpt

Shurtleff, Roswell

Date: 1773-1861

Date: 1775-06-19 

Description: The front page of a letter written to William Preston from Thomas Lewis.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Decorah, One-eyed

Date: 1772-1864

Biographical Book Excerpt


Date: 1775-1859

Date: 1777-04 

Description: Map showing the area from Newtown, Pennsylvania to Kingston, New Jersey, with routes and battles of British (red) and American forces (blue). The map inclu...


Vroman, Mary

Date: 1778-1876

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