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Biographical Book Excerpt

Lyon, William

Date: 1777-????

County: Walworth

Date: 1779-08-31 

Description: A handwritten "list of different inhabitants that consented to furnish the troops belonging to the state of Virginia."

Date: 1776 

Description: Map of North America east of Mexico showing important cities, the colonies, regions, Native American land, mountains, lakes, and rivers. A series of lakes,...

Date: 1774-07 

Description: Front page of a letter written and signed by Dan Smith.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Hagar, Jonathan

Date: 1714-1775

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Peche, Henri

Date: 1779-????

Biographical Book Excerpt

Frazer, William C.

Date: 1776-1838

Biographical Book Excerpt

Stewart, Robert D.

Date: 1779-1848

County: Brown

Date: 1778-07-13 

Description: A brief letter written by Daniel Boone to "Dear Col."

Date: 1778 

Description: Map of European claims in North America, with France shown as having claim to the most land, and the British colonies confined to east of the Appalacian Mo...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Eaton, Amos

Date: 1776-1842

Date: 1770 

Description: The south west sheet of a four sheet map of Virginia, showing the counties, mountains, rivers, court houses, a few cities, and mills. A few Plantations ar...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Clark, William

Date: 1770-1838

Biographical Book Excerpt

Chapman, John

Date: 1774-1845

Biographical Book Excerpt

Henry, James

Date: 1771-1812

Date: 1774-07 

Description: Back page of a letter written and signed by Dan Smith.

Biographical Book Excerpt

Metoxen, John

Date: 1770-1858

Biographical Book Excerpt

Barbour, James

Date: 1775-1842

Biographical Book Excerpt

Decorah, One-eyed

Date: 1772-1864

Date: 1777 

Description: A pay roll handwritten by Captain Joseph Martin listing men stationed on the Frontiers of Washington County under the command of Colonel Evan Shelby.

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