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Date: 1945 ca.

Description: Flight nurse, Gwen Jensen, with Private first class George Berier. Berier's head is wrapped in gauze, and he is preparing to take medicine. Jensen is weari...

Date: 1966 

Description: Propaganda photograph released by the Vietnam News Agency-Hanoi on March 10, 1966. It was received by the National Coordinating Committee against the War...

Date: 1950-05-04 

Description: Lucille Colt, a bank clerk and member of the WAC medical corps in World War II, presents an inscribed gavel to Harrison L. Garner, a board member who was r...

Date: 1945-03 

Description: United States Army nurse, Mary Harrington, teaches female internees in Saipan, gathered outdoors in the grass with Saipan women. Harrington is smiling and...

Date: 1959 

Description: Juan Almeida Bosque, operating chief of the Cuban airforce, and a small group having a picnic in the countryside of Cuba. Three soldiers in fatigues sit on...

Date: 1954-09-18 

Description: Portrait of Mary Herb (left), past president, Carol Sommer, the newly-elected president, and Captain Margaret L. Kumpf, Army nurse counselor and banquet sp...


Nurse Boarding Jeep

Date: 1945-03 

Description: United States Army nurse, Ann T. Hyland, boards a Jeep at 148th General Hospital in Saipan. Hyland is wearing a striped jumpsuit and has her hair tied up i...


Description: Three soldiers in tent in Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War.


Description: WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) soldier saluting superimposed in front of an image of the American Flag and a gun crew on a ship.


GIs at Warner Beach

Date: 1944-08-02 

Description: Four WAC lieutenants posed at the rail of the life launch. From left to right are Virginia Harmon, Jane Dunning, Ardeth Cauble, and Helen Durr.

Date: 1945-02 

Description: Private Winnie L. Cockrell, a carpenter from the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve, at the Mauna Loa Ridge encampment in Honolulu. Cockrell is wea...

Wisconsin World War II Stories: Europe

Have students draw upon photographic collections to learn about World War II era struggles for civil rights both in the war zone and at home


Description: Sue Drabek, [Unidentified], Stacy Jalowitz, and [Unidentified] pose together just prior to leaving Saudi Arabia after serving in the Persian Gulf War.

Date: 1948-06-07 

Description: Newly selected Alice in Dairyland, Margaret McGuire, receiving an orchid from Virginia Palan, legionnaire and WAVE (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency...


Description: Six female flight nurses pose outdoors. The women wear bathing suits and hold life vests around their necks at the at Alameda Naval Air Strip during Aquati...

Date: 1965-12 

Description: Anti-aircraft crew that was said to have downed 14 American planes during four days in December, 1965. This propaganda photograph was released by a Hanoi...


Description: Stacy Jalowitz in MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) #4 suit, including gas mask, during the Persian Gulf War.


Description: A sketch drawn from a formal photographic portrait of Mrs. Major Belle Reynolds. During the Civil War many women enlisted in armies or traveled with their...


Rubber Glove Rack

Date: 1943-12-05 

Description: Three Wisconsin women and a man pose in front of a building. In the foreground is a rack holding rubber gloves. Names, left to right, are Lieutenant Kathle...

Date: 1958 

Description: Meeting of the 26th of July Movement in the woods of Oriente Province during the Cuban Revolution. Fidel Castro, Juan Almeida Bosque and Vilma Espin crouch...

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