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Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Plaque commemorating the passage of the 1915 Seaman's Act. (Museum object #1942.530)

Date: 1969 

Description: A welfare demonstration led by Father James Groppi (center) in the Wisconsin Assembly chambers.


Description: Two men playing checkers, while another reads a journal, taking a break from a Civil Rights Workshop at Highlander Folk School.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Various views of people, including Rosa Parks and Myles Horton, at an early integration workshop at Highlander School.

Date: 1959-10-29 

Description: Flyer for a rally "The Right To Vote. The Fight To Vote" sponsored by the Federation of Negro Civil Service Organizations, Inc. Speakers include Jackie Ro...

Date: 1972 ca.

Description: George Wiley speaking at a rally, wearing a "Welfare Rights Now!" button on his shirt.

Date: 1954-10-29 

Description: Members of the youth advisory board and the young adult board of the Governor's Commission on Human Rights gather around Governor Walter Kohler prior to a...


SCEF Conference

Date: 1962-04 

Description: A voter registration panel at a SCEF (Southern Conference Educational Fund) conference. Seated at the table are Hosea L. Williams, W.P. Mitchell of the Tus...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Elevated view of a student protest on the Library Mall at the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus.

Date: 1964-07-15 

Description: The cover design of the Benton County Freedom Train newsletter printed with purple ink, probably mimeographed.


Description: Voter registration activists from Charleston, South Carolina. Charles Wilson seated on right.

Date: 1964 ca.

Description: A man gestures with both hands, lit from above.

Date: 1967 

Description: The man standing in a suit and dark tie with glasses to the left is Charles Heymanns, international organizer for AFL-CIO. Seated to his right in a light s...


Catherine Winston


Description: Catherine Winston, a staff member at the Highlander Folk School, reading a book and smoking a cigarette.

Date: 1963-05-28 

Description: A slightly elevated view of a civil rights sit-in at a Woolworth's lunch counter. John Salter is seated in the foreground. Sitting next to him is Joan Trum...

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Historical Essay

Black History in Wisconsin

Read about Black history in Wisconsin. There are many links to original documents, pictures, eyewitness accounts, and other primary sources.

Date: 1969 

Description: Father James Groppi with his fist in the air at the Wisconsin State Capitol during welfare demonstrations. He is surrounded by other protesters.

Date: 1965-07 

Description: An African-American church building located near the African American school, as photographed by a civil rights volunteer.

"Photographed on our trip to r...


Description: Myles Horton and Rosa Parks, among others.

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