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Date: 1920 ca.

Description: View of a farmhouse, barn, water tower, and other buildings on an International Harvester Company demonstration farm. The IHC logo appears on the water tow...


Planting Potatoes

Date: 1919 

Description: A man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and overalls is sitting behind a team of two horses while planting potatoes at the International Harvester Company experim...

Date: 1952 ca.

Description: Color photograph of a man using a McCormick Farmall Super C tractor with a C-254 cultivator to work in a field. The original caption reads: "C-254 two-row...

Date: 1926-07 

Description: A woman and a man in a kitchen canning beans. The woman is scooping beans from a large pot with a ladle into cans, while the man uses a tabletop hand crank...

Date: 1927-06 

Description: A man wearing a straw hat feeding chickens out of a metal bucket in front of a poultry house at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm.


Woman at Wood Pile

Date: 1923 

Description: A woman, possibly Anna Neary, gathering pieces of chopped wood in her arms as she kneels near a wood pile on the A.E. Bancroft farm.

Date: 1923-11-26 

Description: Farmer, possibly Walter Stange, cutting wood with a circular saw run by a 1 1/2 H.P. Type M McCormick-Deering gas engine.

Date: 1950 ca.

Description: Elevated view of a farmer in a field operating a McCormick Farmall C tractor with attached mower.

Date: 1950 ca.

Description: Man plowing a field with a McCormick Farmall H tractor and McCormick plow, at or near the company's experimental farm in Hinsdale, Illinois.


"Bum" Asleep in Hay

Date: 1927-06 

Description: A transient man asleep in a pile of hay at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm. Photograph taken for International Harvester's Agricultura...

Date: 1927-09 

Description: A man standing in an endgate lime spreader is using a shovel to spread lime onto a field at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm. The sprea...

Date: 1923-10 

Description: A woman using a cheesecloth to strain the contents of a bucket into a cream separator at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm (Harvester Fa...

Date: 1919 

Description: Side view of a man sitting on a one-horse wagon used by Four Pine Farm. The side of the wagon reads, "Peter Schuttler."


Spreading Manure

Date: 1929-09 

Description: A man using a Farmall Regular tractor and manure spreader to spread manure across a pasture at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm.


Alexander Legge

Date: 1923-09-20 

Description: Alexander Legge (1866-1933) with a pitchfork full of hay at a Thresher demonstration at International Harvester's Hinsdale farm. Men are milling around a t...

Date: 1927-07 

Description: Close-up view of a wagon yoke repaired by wire.

Date: 1924-07-28 

Description: Mrs. Frances Lauth operates an engine-driven Primrose Cream Separator on Hinsdale Farm.

Date: 1945 

Description: A man demonstrates a McCormick-Deering cotton picker under a tent on the Hinsdale experimental farm.

Date: 1949 

Description: Worker leveling gravel with a McCormick-Deering Farmall M tractor and a no. 7 angle dozer at International Harvester's Hinsdale farm and testing facility.

Date: 1948 ca.

Description: Man in a field on a Farmall H tractor with a mounted cultivator, either at or near the company's experimental farm in Hinsdale.

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