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Date: 1929 

Description: Man pulling a McCormick-Deering lime spreader with a Farmall Regular tractor. A barn and silo are in the background.

Date: 1926 

Description: A man is working on silage cutter knives while the machine is in operation, demonstrating a farm hazard.


Cutting Weeds

Date: 1929-08 

Description: A man uses a scythe to cut weeds from a pasture of wild carrots.

Date: 1954 

Description: Color photograph of a farmer harvesting grain with a McCormick No. 141 harvester-thresher (combine) and an International truck.

Date: 1958-07 

Description: Kilgore Texas Rangerettes dancing at an International Harvester product introduction show. Sign's in the background read "New World of Profit" and "IH Marc...

Date: 1950 

Description: Color photograph of two men loading bags of onions into an International L-160 truck parked outside a garage or storage shed.


Cream Separator

Date: 1919-11 

Description: Mrs. Irving Bielby operating a cream separator run by a gasoline engine at Babcock farm.

Date: 1933 

Description: A man mows the grass along the shoulder of a rural road with a horse-drawn No. 7 mower with rubber (pneumatic) tires.

Date: 1950 ca.

Description: Elevated view of a farmer in a cornfield operating a McCormick 2-M mounted corn picker attached to a McCormick Farmall M tractor. Farm buildings are in the...

Date: 1926-05 

Description: A man adjusts the hitch of a McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor with a hook while working in a field at International Harvester's experimental farm.

Date: 1927-08 

Description: A man climbing on a moving harvester-thresher (combine), illustrating an agricultural hazard for International Harvester's Agricultural Extension Departmen...

Date: 1954 

Description: Man operating a McCormick No. 141 harvester-thresher (combine) in a field.

Date: 1945 

Description: Men examine farm equipment, farm tractors and crawler tractors (TracTracTor) on display at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm.

Date: 1958-07 

Description: Visiting dealers look over International Harvester's 1958 line of tractors at a product introduction show. The photograph was taken near the show's dining...

Date: 1927-06 

Description: A boy using a shovel cleans up after a horse in a stable at Rogers farm while an oil lamp hangs from a wire above him.


Refilling a Silo

Date: 1927-02-22 

Description: Two men refilling a silo using a silo filler at the IHC Experimental Farm.


Alexander Legge

Date: 1923-09-20 

Description: Alexander Legge (1866-1933) with a pitchfork full of hay at a Thresher demonstration at International Harvester's Hinsdale farm. Men are milling around a t...

Date: 1927 

Description: A man puts his hand into a McCormick-Deering 15-30(?) tractor to reach the running belt at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm.

Date:  date unknown

Description: A farmer in a field riding a McCormick Farmall C tractor with front-mounted cultivator. Taken either at or near the company's experimental farm.

Date: 1927-06 

Description: A man wearing a straw hat feeding chickens out of a metal bucket in front of a poultry house at International Harvester's Hinsdale experimental farm.

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