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Newspaper Article/Clipping

Is only survivor of Holland Colony

Date: 1923-10-28

County: Brown

City: De Pere

Date: 1935-7-31

County: Ashland

City: Ashland

Date: 1917 ca.

Description: World War I poster urging newly arrived immigrants to conserve food to aid the allied cause. The image shows people in ethnic costume being ushered into th...

Date: 2006-09 

Description: Portrait of Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and author, speaking at Viterbo University.

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Norway's great agitator

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Old settlers swap stories

Date: 1917-12-12


Rachel Baker Bray


Description: Seated studio portrait of Rachel Baker Bray, Richard Quinney's great great grandmother.

Newspaper Article/Clipping

The Vossingers will celebrate

Date: 1922-6-13

County: Columbia

City: Leeds

Date: 1935-10-10

County: Waukesha

City: Oconomowoc

Date: 1922-8-13

Date: 1917-8-10

County: Langlade

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Precedents: Seymour family

Date: 1934-6-03

County: Milwaukee

City: Milwaukee

Date: 1921-1-01

County: Milwaukee

City: Milwaukee

Historical Essay

Norwegian Trinket Box

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Trinket box brought to Wisconsin by Norwegian immigrants, c. 1870. (Museum object #1993.6.2)

Date: 1935-7-05

County: Waupaca

City: Manawa

Date: 1966 

Description: Buildings along an unpaved road served as a camp for migrant farm workers working for the Green Bay Food Company.

In 1946, more than 4,000 farmworkers fr...

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Precedents: Sheldon family

Date: 1935-3-17

County: Milwaukee

City: Milwaukee

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Inducements to immigrants

Date: 1907-5-03

County: Cook

City: Chicago

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Early settlement of valleys

Date: 1929-7-11

County: Trempealeau

City: Galesville

Date: 1960-01-19 

Description: Seated at left is Blanche Hart, president of the Lawyers' Wives. She is shown with Catherine Barber, chairman; Mrs. C. B. Strauch, formerly of Germany; and...

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