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Date: 1955-01-03 

Description: Governor Walter Kohler is shown with his right hand raised while taking his oath of office, being administered by Chief Justice Edward Fairchild of the Wis...

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Lawyer, Politician, 6th Wisconsin Governor, Presidential Cabinet Member

Brief biography of lawyer, judge and politician Alexander W. Randall, who served as the sixth Governor of Wisconsin from 1858 until 1861.

Date: 1971-04-20 

Description: Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, who is credited with conceiving of Earth Day, listens while Wisconsin Governor Patrick J. Lucey addresses the Wisconsin L...

Date: 1945-05-15 

Description: Governor Goodland signing a bill (probably, Ch 131, Laws of 1945 relaxing the state's food sanitation law and easing animal slaughter on family farms) with...

Date: 1953-01-07 

Description: Governor Walter Kohler sits with 2 1/2 year old Deborah Foster and her mother Ruth Foster, both polio victims. Governor Kohler is proclaiming January as "M...

Date: 1882 ca.

Description: Business stationery of George B. Peck, editor of Peck's Sun, a Milwaukee newspaper. Peck was well-known for his humorous column, "Peck's Bad Boy," a...


Oscar Rennebohm

Date: 1948-05-29 

Description: Governor Oscar Rennebohm receiving a full sheet of the 1948 centennial stamp.

Date: 1971-04-20 

Description: Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson acknowledges the applause of the Wisconsin Legislature at an event held in the Wisconsin State Capitol to mark the second...


Shriner Yule Party

Date: 1947-12-18 

Description: Governor Oscar Rennebohm sitting with a young boy at the Madison Shriners yule party at the Washington Orthopedic School, 545 West Dayton Street.

Date: 1932 

Description: Former Republican Governor Walter J. Kohler, Sr., at the Milwaukee Press Club outing.


Nelson Dewey


Description: Portrait of Wisconsin Governor Nelson Dewey.

Date: 1954-03-31 

Description: Two representatives of Hadassah present Governor Walter Kohler with a plaque of pressed flowers in commemoration of World Jewish Child's Day.


Emmanuel L. Philipp

Date:  date unknown

Description: Portrait of Emmanuel L Philipp.

Date:  date unknown

Description: Governor Martin Schreiber is seated at a desk surrounded by children.


Dreyfus Campaigning

Date: 1978-10-26 

Description: Campaigning for governor on the back of his bus, Lee Sherman Dreyfus flashes a victory sign to passers by.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Pocket knife found on the corpse of Wisconsin Governor Louis P. Harvey after he drowned in the Tennessee River on April 19, 1862. (Museum object #1969.4)

Date: 1943-12-18 

Description: Robert Doyle's caption that accompanied this image reads, "Lieutenant Colonel Philip F. La Follette, three times Governor of Wisconsin, poses in combat uni...

Date: 1862 before

Description: Waist-up seated Ambrotype studio portrait of Governor Louis P. Harvey.

Date: 1864-05-17 

Description: Document certifying that Governor James T. Lewis appointed Dr. Solomon Blood as Surgeon of the 39th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. The document be...

Date: 1931-11-24 

Description: Governor Philip F. La Follette delivers a special message on welfare relief to a special session of the legislature in the assembly chamber of the Wisconsi...

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