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Community: Green Bay

County: Brown

Historic Name: Astor Historic District

Reference Number: 80000107

Community: Columbus

County: Columbia

Historic Name: South Dickason Boulevard Residential Historic District

Reference Number: 99000240

National or State Registers Record

Co. Hwy. C, 1 mi. W of Denzer

Community: Honey Creek

County: Sauk

Historic Name: Our Lady of Loretto Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery

Reference Number: 90000378

National or State Registers Record

Along Third Ave. between 61st and 66th Sts.

Community: Kenosha

County: Kenosha

Historic Name: Third Avenue Historic District

Reference Number: 88002022

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Diamond Bluff

County: Pierce

Historic Name: Mero Archeological District (Boundary Increase)

Reference Number: 92000590

National or State Registers Record

S5975 Park Road

Community: Baraboo

County: Sauk

Historic Name: Devil's Lake State Park

Reference Number: 14001192

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Harmony

County: Vernon

Historic Name: Cade Archeological District

Reference Number: 88002176

Community: Portage

County: Columbia

Historic Name: Church Hill Historic District

Reference Number: 96001628

Community: Sheboygan

County: Sheboygan

Historic Name: Downtown Churches Historic District

Reference Number: 10000052

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Fulton

County: Rock

Historic Name: Mouth of the Yahara Archeological District

Reference Number: 75000079

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Armenia

County: Juneau

Historic Name: Cranberry Creek Archeological District

Reference Number: 84003689

Community: Cedarburg

County: Ozaukee

Historic Name: Columbia Historic District

Reference Number: 91001980

Community: Oshkosh

County: Winnebago

Historic Name: Irving Church Historic District

Reference Number: 94000156

Community: Ashland

County: Ashland

Historic Name: Chapple and MacArthur Avenues Residential Historic District

Reference Number: 14000266

National or State Registers Record

Roughly along Portage St from Spring to Parr Sts.

Community: Lodi

County: Columbia

Historic Name: Portage Street Historic District

Reference Number: 00000626

Community: Lake Geneva

County: Walworth

Historic Name: Maple Park Historic District

Reference Number: 05000621

National or State Registers Record

1525 Carmel Rd.

Community: Erin

County: Washington

Historic Name: Holy Hill

Reference Number: 92000139

Community: Milwaukee

County: Milwaukee

Historic Name: Brewers Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase)

Reference Number: 95000449

National or State Registers Record

Address Restricted

Community: Oshkosh

County: Winnebago

Historic Name: Overton Archeological District

Reference Number: 75000086

Community: Mukwonago (village)

County: Waukesha

Historic Name: Pearl and Grand Avenue Historic District

Reference Number: 04001004

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