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Newspaper Article/Clipping

Rosebush, Judson George

Date: 1878-1948

County: Outagamie

Date: 1913-1943

County: Dane

Date: 1869-1943

County: Polk

Date: 1948 

Description: Robert Cummings, left foreground with sunglasses in his hand, looks down upon sets used for the 1948 romantic comedy "Let's Live a Little." Three stills ca...

Date: 1949-07-11 

Description: Three teens working on posters for their production of "The Elves and the Shoemaker". They are participants in the Youth Summer theater sponsored by the B...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Hackney, Robert Henry

Date: 1870-1923

County: Milwaukee


Rall, Paul

Date: 1868-1944

Date: 1948 ca.

Description: Dining room of Fred and Annie Storer Brown's house (built in 1888), 121 East Gilman Street.

Property Record

314 N. Main St.

Community: Rice Lake

County: Barron

Historic Name: 

Reference Number: 155646

Property Record


Community: Camp Douglas

County: Juneau

Historic Name: Building 127

Reference Number: 141940

Date: 1940 

Description: View down sidewalk towards people standing in a line outside a movie theater showing the film The Long Voyage Home. Many people are holding umbrella...

Date: 1949-07-12 

Description: Anthony Mierzwa, golf professional of Maple Bluff Country Club, where the 1949 Wisconsin Women's Golf Association tournament was held.

Date: 1860-1941

County: Jackson

Date: 1858-1942

Date: ????-1941

County: Sauk

Date: 1943 

Description: Department of Agriculture Design No. 1, "Forest Fire." The poster features a forest fire blazing around a lone country house, with smoke billowing into the...

County: Marathon

Biographical Book Excerpt

Pfennig, Frederick S.

Property Record


Community: Neenah

County: Winnebago

Historic Name: J. Fredrick Hunt Guest House; Maurice Hunt

Reference Number: 61911

Biographical Book Excerpt

Melllenthin, Herman Edward

Date: 1888-1942

County: Marathon

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