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Information on over 7,000 photographers who were active in Wisconsin from about 1840 to 1976.

Learn about interlibrary lending of Society materials.

Brief descriptions and links to original documents created by CORE, SNCC, COFO, local residents, volunteers and opponents. Organized by topic

General Information

Library Acquisitions Areas

See a list of the Society's Library acquisitions areas collected at a research level.

Common questions about purchasing historical images from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory will tell you if your property is listed, individually or contributing to a historic district.

See links to helpful websites offering tips on caring for and maintaining family treasures.

General Information

Collections Overview

Learn about the collection areas of the Wisconsin Historical Society's Library-Archives.

Learn about the Wisconsin Historical Society Web Archives (Archive-It) collection.

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Area Research Center Network

14 Locations Statewide

Learn about the Area Research Center Network in Wisconsin, which includes fourteen regional research centers.

Learn the basics for using the Archives catalogs online.

Learn about working with and finding professionals to conserve or preserve your family heirlooms and art.

Learn about the Wisconsin Historical Society's award-winning, full color, quarterly magazine. Published since 1917.


Explore the wide range of subjects collected by the Wisconsin Historical Society Library-Archives.

Follow the progression of key events before, during and after Freedom Summer. Contains links to original documents

Defining Permission, Copyright and Terms of Use

Learn about obtaining permission and the copyright laws that apply to images purchased from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Common questions about the Wisconsin Historical Society Web Archives collection.

Learn about the various online and physical catalogs you can use to search the Society's collections.

These consultants are available to help you research historic buildings and archaeological sites.

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Arts and Artifacts Appraisers

See a list of professional appraisers in Wisconsin and nearby areas of Minnesota and Illinois
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