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Methods for improving the energy efficiency of historic windows.

Learn how to preserve or replace the metal roof on your historic building.

The core responsibility of your nonprofit board is to work together as a group to govern your organization.

Steps for repairing the glazing compound in historic windows in order to improve energy efficiency.

Organizing a Publicity Event, Part 1 of 2

A publicity event is an ideal way for your historic preservation group to communicate information about a newsworthy or milestone event

Nonprofit board members must follow certain legal standards to protect the interests of members, sponsors, and donors.

Directions for replacing a broken or rotted sash cord in a historic window.

Your entire nonprofit board can be paralyzed by the bad behavior and negative attitude of even one board member.

Organizing a Publicity Event, Part 2 of 2

Learn how to plan the details to ensure your historic preservation group's event is a success.

People become members of your nonprofit organization for many reasons, but the key reason is belief in your mission.

Aim for success by developing a fundraising strategy that incorporates the practices and methods in this article.

Learn how to identify and repair the decorative glass in your historic building.

The passion that fuels advocacy work can also lead to friction and conflict among the staff, board members, and volunteers of a nonprofit organization.

If your historic preservation group is not using internet technologies to reach your supporters, you are closing doors on a broad audience.

Turn reluctant supporters of historic preservation into preservation advocates by preparing counter-arguments to common concerns

Review the steps a professional will take when replacing the foundation of your historic building.

By using a committee governance structure, your nonprofit board can divide up its work into more manageable tasks.

A potential Wisconsin Historical Marker must meet the criteria for the marker topic and where it will be located.

Preservation is very much about people, and many reporters are looking for human-interest stories that inspire others. Learn how to create those stories.

The first steps to start a new nonprofit organization in Wisconsin are the same, regardless of the new organization’s purpose and mission.
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