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Biographical Book Excerpt

Pulver, Wendell H.

Date: 1793-1891

County: Vernon

Biographical Book Excerpt

Hyer, David

Date: 1793-1876

Date: 1739 

Description: Map of North America using sinusoidal projection to represent the curvature of the earth. It shows settlements and cities, Native American land, lakes, riv...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Cone, Isaac

Date: 1794-1872

Date: 1747 

Description: Map of America showing rivers, lakes, mountains, and regions, but primarily focusing on the French and Native American settlements along the Mississippi th...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Hamilton, William Stephen

Date: 1797-1850

County: Lafayette

Biographical Book Excerpt

Laskey, Richard

Date: 1784-1870

County: Columbia

Biographical Book Excerpt


Date: 1774-1874

County: Sauk

Biographical Book Excerpt

Blauel, Charles G.

Date: 1797-????

County: Milwaukee

Biographical Book Excerpt

Wetmore, Moses

Date: 1799-????

Date: 1790 ca.

Description: Map of North America showing cities, states, Native American land, regions, lakes, and rivers. A few notes appear throughout the map, particularly west of...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Williams, Eleazer

Date: 1787-1858

Biographical Book Excerpt

O'Brien, Michael

Date: 1773-1881

Biographical Book Excerpt

Frazer, William C.

Date: 1776-1838


Newell, Joel

Date: 1790-1880

Biographical Book Excerpt

Pickard, S W

Date: 1795-1874

County: Richland

Date: 1780 ca.

Description: Map of North and South America, showing the boundaries of colonial territories, cities, settlements, rivers, lakes, and Native American land. Particular em...

Date: 1760 

Description: A map of the world in two hemispheres, with the borders of the continents hand-colored. This map contains 14 spherical diagrams of the cosmos, portraying t...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Watson, John

Date: 1685-1768


Burel, Lucy

Date: 1773-1883

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