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Map or Atlas


Date: 1746 ca.

Description: A map of the western hemisphere, including parts of western Europe and Africa, showing the division of the Americas by the European powers. Weapons and fol...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Compton, Henry

Date: 1632-1713

Date: 1745 ca.

Description: A two page illustration featuring a small globe in the center of numerous astrological spheres. Additionally, the representation features writing, in Lati...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Whitney, David

Date: 1799-????

Biographical Book Excerpt

Lyon, William

Date: 1777-????

County: Walworth

Date: 1766 

Description: Map representing the northern Pacific Ocean along with north eastern Asia and western North America. The interior of Asia contains very detailed engravings...


Essler, Henry

Date: 1797-1905

County: Crawford

Biographical Book Excerpt

Seaver, Lyman Hunt

Date: 1796-1864

County: Walworth

Biographical Book Excerpt

Campbell, Daniel

Date: 1796-1879

County: Walworth

Map or Atlas

Map of the Ohio River

Date: 1778 

Description: A map of the rapids in the River Ohio.

Date: 1794-1872

Biographical Book Excerpt

Nichols, Nenry

Date: 1790-1876

County: Vernon

Biographical Book Excerpt

Gratiot, Henry

Date: 1789-1836

Date: 1757 ca.

Description: This map shows the cities, plantations, lakes, rivers, mountains, Native American territories and colonial borders of the Eastern half of North America, pl...

Date: 1755 

Description: Map of North America east of the Mississippi River showing cities, settlements, Native American land, mountains, lakes, rivers, and the boundaries between...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Johnson, Timothy

Date: 1792-????

County: Jefferson


Jorris, George

Date: 1791-1883

Newspaper Article/Clipping

LAWE, John

Date: 1780-1846

Date: 1783 

Description: This map is hand-colored and shows the boundaries of British, Spanish, and the newly recognized American claims, as well as the fishing rights granted to F...

Biographical Book Excerpt

Stedman, Silas

Date: 1785-????

County: Sheboygan

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