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Chapter 6: Preservation Commission Budgets and Finances, Page 2 of 3

A great nonprofit board can make the difference between a highly successful organization and one that few people even know about.

Learn how to request microfilm records from the Genealogical Society of Utah.

Before you sign the paperwork to form a new historic preservation group, learn about your supporters and community.

Your nonprofit board will be more successful if members adopt the skills and habits that lead to excellence in these six areas of competency.

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Marriage Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using marriage records for family history research.

One way to attract and keep donors in your nonprofit organization is to operate with transparency.

Government Relations for Historic Preservation Advocates, Part 1 of 2

Your historic preservation advocacy group can accomplish great things by building a good relationship with government officials.

Conflict will be inevitable in your nonprofit organization, but avoiding a conflict will only waste time and drive people away from your organization.

Learn how to prepare the surface of a historic house for painting.

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Why Nonprofit Boards Fail

Nonprofit boards typically fail for one of two reasons: they lose sight of their mission, or they don't adapt to change.

How to identify water-related issues and ways to keep water away from the foundation of a historic building.

Your historic preservation group can find many ways to collaborate and share information with universities and colleges.

Learn how to clean, repair, paint and maintain metal features on your historic building.

Identify effective ways to craft your historic preservation message for different audiences by anticipating their concerns and objections.

Explore this in-depth online training for preservation commissioners.

Learn how to reduce your heating and air conditioning costs by insulating and sealing basement or crawl space areas of your house.

Nonprofit board members must follow certain legal standards to protect the interests of members, sponsors, and donors.

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Death Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using death records for family history research.

The key to managing an internal crisis in your nonprofit organization is to plan for it.
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