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Wisconsin has many inspiring examples of historic preservationists and artists working together to accomplish great things.

See helpful tips for hiring professionals to advise you on the condition of your building.

One of the best ways to ensure that your nonprofit organization operates ethically is to keep your fundraising practices clean and transparent.

By adopting a gift-acceptance policy, your nonprofit organization might be able to achieve both financial security and flexibility.

How You Can Win When You Lose

You may not win every historic preservation campaign, but you can use your foundation of support to launch your next effort.

Your historic preservation group can use a free online mapping tool to create a virtual tour of a historic site or building in your community.

Tours offer a great way to increase the visibility of your organization and preservation issues in the area.

Learn about the types of federal funding programs available for preserving a historic building or place in your community.

An awards program is a fun and inexpensive way to proactively promote historic preservation in your community.

See guidelines for planning your rehabilitation project, and organizing the design and construction.

Your historic preservation group can make compelling arguments for preservation by creating videos and posting them online.

Insulate and seal walls in your historic house to improve energy efficiency.

Guide or Instruction

Survey Manual

Find guidance for undertaking architectural and historical surveys in Wisconsin.

Learn what it takes to organize a new historical society and how to become affilitaed with the Wisconsin Historical Society.

A charette might be your best tool when your historic preservation group is is faced with a problem that requires a community solution

Blogging can be a useful communication tool for your historic preservation group to share its advocacy message with a large online audience.

Organizing a Fundraising Auction for Your Nonprofit Organization, Part 3 of 3

If your fundraising auction is to be a success, your auction table must have high-quality, meaningful items that generate buzz among the bidders.

Your nonprofit preservation organization can find funding opportunities and lots of support from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

See the top maintenance practices you can follow to prevent a costly rehabilitation project.

Grant funding is readily available for historic preservation organizations that are willing to put in some hard work.
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