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Get to Know Your Elected Officials and their Staff

Government outreach for advocates means two things: establishing relationships with the right people, and knowing who does what.

Your nonprofit organization's tax status determines whether your organization can engage in lobbying and other political activities

Your nonprofit organization’s ideal communications strategy will balance web-based communications with strategically-planned printed materials.

Your historic preservation advocacy group can make a lasting impression on Congressional members by showing up in Washington D.C.

Submission Guidelins

The Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society invite nominations of published genealogies of Wisconsin families

One way to attract and keep donors in your nonprofit organization is to operate with transparency.

Learn how to purchase digital files and prints and receive permission for commercial and non-profit projects.

Awareness of IP and nonprofit copyright laws will help you protect your organization's reputation and brand.

Guide or Instruction

Census Records Research Tips

Learn tips for using census records for family history research.

Your historic preservation group can use a free online mapping tool to create a virtual tour of a historic site or building in your community.

Terms of use for images purchased from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The name you choose for your historic preservation organization will influence your "brand" and ultimately the success of your organization.

The key to managing an internal crisis in your nonprofit organization is to plan for it.

A professional lobbyist can be a good investment when your historic preservation group wants to do a targeted campaign.

Learn how you can get help organizing a local historical organization.

When you start a new nonprofit organization, you must not overlook some mundane but important operating practices.

You will go a long way toward getting good publicity for historic preservation if you build good working relationships with the press.

People become members of your nonprofit organization for many reasons, but the key reason is belief in your mission.

Student Guides to NHD

Learn about creating a National History Day documentary

Your historic preservation group can make compelling arguments for preservation by creating videos and posting them online.
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