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General Information

Small Deal Fund

National Trust Community Investment Corporation

This Fund invests in small historic tax credit projects.

'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story'

Includes reproducible worksheets that guide students through essential questions. DVD available with classroom purchase.

What to do if you notice a human burial site being destroyed or damaged.

See a list of reliable preservation and conservation resources for museums, historical societies, libraries and other cultural collecting institutions.

Who They Are and How to Join

Do you have an interest in protecting a particular cemetery or type of burial site? Learn why you should apply for the Registry of Interested Persons.

Dispel the most common myths about ownership and renovation of a historic building.

All components of the textbook have been translated into Spanish including text, illustrations, maps, timelines and image captions.

Find answers to the most common questions about Wisconsin Historical Markers.

General Information

Local History Webinar Workshops

See our annual Local History Webinar Workshops, offered every spring.

Guidelines to follow when you must replace an original feature in your historic building.

Learn about the Wisconsin Historical Society Web Archives (Archive-It) collection.

General Information

SHPO Project Review Glossary

Glossary of terms related to the State Historic Preservation Office Review Process.

Learn about common problems you may encounter with your brick masonry.

Review guidelines for building an addition to your historic commercial building.

Different types of weatherstripping for exterior doors that will improve energy efficiency of a historic building.

Explore best practices for painting your historic building.

Learn how to apply for a mini-grant from the Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin Council for Local History.

Learn about low-interest loan programs and successful projects completed with the aid of these programs.

A list of primary records created by county clerks, the retention period for each record type and guidance on notifying the Society before destruction.

A Guide for Public Archeology in Wisconsin

Download the Wisconsin Archeological Survey Guidelines.
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