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Find out more about the McCormick-IHC Collection.

General Information

2012-2016 WHRAB Strategic Plan

Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board

Explore the WHRAB strategic plan and goals.

General Information

Arts and Artifacts Appraisers

See a list of professional appraisers in Wisconsin and nearby areas of Minnesota and Illinois

Summer 2014 Issue, Volume 97, Number 4

Explore the contents of the current issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History.

General Information

Budget and Reports

See the Society's budget and reports for current and recent years.

General Information

Facade Improvement Grant program

City of Madison, Economic Development Division

Program offers grants for projects that significantly improve the visual appearance of a commercial property from the street

Learn the basics for using the Archives catalogs online.

Do you have a three-dimensional object that relates in a significant way to the history or prehistory of Wisconsin? See the other criteria needed to donate

Read fascinating stories about the culture people, places and events of Wisconsin's past in this award-winning, full color, quarterly magazine. Since 1917.

General Information

Society Newsletters

Stay up-to-date on all the goings-on here at the Society via our newsletters and social media accounts.

Milwaukee Department of City Development

The City of Milwaukee offers matching grants to business and property owners in commercial districts to help improve the exterior facade of properties

National History Day in Wisconsin

See who is sponsoring National History Day in Wisconsin.

Eligible properties must retain the essential physical appearance of the period in which they were important, and meet one of four criteria.

General Information

About the Field Services Program

See information for services provided by the Society's Field Services Program, which assists historical organizations throughout Wisconsin.

Learn the best practices for preserving the upper-floor windows and transoms on your historic building.

A list of records to be kept permanently by the Register of Deeds.

General Information

About Our Volunteer Opportunities

See all Society, Museum and Historic Sites volunteer opportunities.

Learn more about this list of known human burial sites in Wisconsin.

'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story'

Get an overview of the additional activities that align to each chapter of "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story."
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