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These consultants are available to help you research historic buildings and archaeological sites.

General Information

Historic Preservation Grants

The 1772 Foundation

This grant provides funds for the rebailitation and preservation of historic buldings throughout the United States.

Learn methods for modernizing a historic house without disturbing the historic integrity and character.

General Information

FAQs About National History Day

National History Day in Wisconsin

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the National History Day in Wisconsin program.

NHD Teacher Essentials

See a list of over 50 sample topics to help spark ideas for a project.

'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story'

Specialized formats of this book are available in Braille, audio, large print, and electronic formats for K–12 students with disabilities.

The Society relies on vital support from the State of Wisconsin and its members and donors. Find information about giving to the Society, membership ...

Learn common mistakes made when renovating a historic building and ways to avoid them.

National History Day in Wisconsin

Download the registration form for your region to register. Contest dates and registration deadlines are listed on each region's form.

NHD Annual Theme

See a list of future NHD themes and learn about this year's theme for National History Day in Wisconsin.

Learn how to prevent wood rot in a historic building.

'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story'

This book was developed in consultation with an advisory board of reading specialists, history scholars, curriculum coordinators, and teachers

National History Day Competitions

These are static lists and may not convey the most current information about a property.

Read an overview of role of state statutes and see the compendium of primary state historic preservation laws (PDF).

General Information

Event Rentals

Wisconsin Historical Society

Rent the Wisconsin Historical Society Headquarters facilities for events.

Dispel the most common myths about ownership and renovation of a historic building.

National History Day in Wisconsin

Learn more about the five types of projects that students can create through National History Day

National History Day

Find visitor information for National History Day in Wisconsin.

Review the uses of architectural epoxies on wood in a historic building.
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