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Information on over 7,000 photographers who were active in Wisconsin from about 1840 to 1976.

Common questions about purchasing historical images from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

What laws affect home burial? Read this before you create a burial site on private property.

Learn about common problems you may encounter with your brick masonry.

Defining Permission, Copyright and Terms of Use

Learn about obtaining permission and the copyright laws that apply to images purchased from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Ensure that your rehabilitation project follows historic preservation best practices.

National History Day in Wisconsin

Learn more about the five types of projects that students can create through National History Day

General Information

Stay Connected with Education

We Help Make the Most of Wisconsin History for Your Students

School Services develops projects, publications and programs on Wisconsin history for classrooms throughout the state and coordinates National History Day

A list of resources for professionals recommended by the Division of Historic Preservation-Public History.

NHD Competitions

Special awards are offered by sponsoring institutions. See a list of topics for this year’s competitions.

Learn about common problems that could occur with a historic stone building.

Working Within the Boundaries of Cemeteries and Mound Groups

Do you need to disturb a cemetery or mound group? Planning to build, plant, or work in a cemetery or Native American mound group? Read this first.

National History Day in Wisconsin

Use this rank form for judges to submit their results at your school-level NHD event.

Discover methods for maintaining and improving energy efficiency in a historic building.

Guidelines to follow when you must replace an original feature in your historic building.

A list of primary records created by county clerks, the retention period for each record type and guidance on notifying the Society before destruction.

National History Day in Wisconsin

Get helpful information and advice for National History Day in Wisconsin.

Learn about the procedures for handling publicly-owned or abandoned burial sites.

See links to helpful websites offering tips on caring for and maintaining family treasures.

Find the right insurance for your rehabilitation project.
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