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General Information

Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Looking for the Dictionary of Wisconsin History?

Learn best practices for renovating a building while maintaining its historic integrity.

Review types of gutters and maintenance tips for gutters on your historic house.

Learn how to make your historic building accessible to people with disabilities.

Learn about the best roof ventilation solutions.

Learn the value of preserving your historic building's original elevator.

General Information

Wisconsin Supplementary Manual

For Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places

Find guidance for preparing a typical Wisconsin nomination to the State Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

Review the reasons to preserve the original wood features on your historic building.

Historic Preservation Commission List (PDF)

See PDF of contact information for Local Historic Preservation Commissions in Wisconsin. Maintained by the Wisconsin Historical Society..

Inquire about in-person presentations by archaeologists from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

Download the chart that describes how each chapter of the student textbook correlates to academic standards

General Information

Genealogy Events

See our genealogy events offered throughout the year.

Review guidelines for building an addition to your historic commercial building.

General Information

Local History Regional Meetings

See information on the Society's Local History regional meetings and other networking opportunities.

Learn the value of preserving original restroom features in your historic commercial building.

Learn how to get necessary approvals for your rehabilitation project.

See the most current list of intensive architectural surveys completed in Wisconsin.

Types of siding that could be on a historic building and how to maintain or repair them.

Eligible properties must retain the essential physical appearance of the period in which they were important, and meet one of four criteria.

General Information

Historic Building Window Types

Learn about the different types of windows that are found in historic buildings.
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