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Apply for tax credits for historic income-producing buildings in Wisconsin.

A list of resources for professionals recommended by the Division of Historic Preservation-Public History.

General Information

Jeffris Family Foundation

Jeffris Family Foundation

This Grant strives to preserve the cultural history and heritage of the Midwest through the preservation of historic buildings and decorative arts.

Wisconsin Historical Society, State Historic Preservation Office

Provides tax exemption for a property that contains an archaeological site listed in the National Register or State Register of Historic Places.

General Information

Contact Information

Find email addresses and phone numbers for the divisions and major programs of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Learn about historic construction materials and methods for commercial buildings to make better maintenance and rehabilitation decisions.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This grant aims to save historic environments in order to foster an appreciation of our nation's cultural heritage and revitilize communities.

Black River Falls Area Foundation

The foundation welcomes grant applications from nonprofit organizations serving the Black River Falls area.

NHD Teacher Essentials

See a list of over 50 sample topics to help spark ideas for a project.

Learn why historic preservation is beneficial to your community and its identity.

Discover how storefronts were originally designed and how they have changed.

Recognize traditional cornices and learn to maintain them.

General Information

West Foundation Grants

Ruth St. John and John Dunham West Foundation, Inc.

This grant supports organizations through the financial promotion of humanitarian, educational, charitable, cultural and civic or public purposes.

Learn how cataloged human burial sites in Wisconsin are given greater protection under Wisconsin State Law

General Information

JPMorgan Chase

Economic Development and Affordable Housing Grants

Funding is available for projects intended as catalysts to meaningful, positive, and sustainable change within neighborhoods and communities.

Meeting the Standards with NHD

Learn about National History Day state and national standards

General Information

Why Buy a Historic House?

Learn the benefits of buying and renovating a historic home.

General Information

Library Acquisitions Areas

See a list of the Society's Library acquisitions areas collected at a research level.

Learn about trends in downtown development to better understand the context of your own building.

Learn about the benefits of cataloging a human burial site, from property tax exemptions to membership on the Registry of Interested Persons.
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