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A media packet will help your historic preservation group communicate your message to members of the media who attend your events.

Use press releases and media advisories to alert the media about your historic preservation group's newsworthy events.

Learn strategies for responding to community misunderstandings and “bad press”

Facebook offers enormous potential to build support and raise money for your cause.

A charette might be your best tool when your historic preservation group is is faced with a problem that requires a community solution

People become members of your nonprofit organization for many reasons, but the key reason is belief in your mission.

Television and radio provide great opportunities to share your historic preservation message and attract large numbers of supporters.

Questions to Get You Started

Use these questions to develop a well-documented, comprehensive text for your marker inscription.

Before you sign the paperwork to form a new historic preservation group, learn about your supporters and community.

Organizing a Publicity Event, Part 1 of 2

A publicity event is an ideal way for your historic preservation group to communicate information about a newsworthy or milestone event

Read about techniques to help you develop a well-written historical marker inscription.

Investing in your resources wisely is the key to maximizing your budget. Learn which resources are worth the money.

One way to attract and keep donors in your nonprofit organization is to operate with transparency.

Government Relations for Historic Preservation Advocates, Part 1 of 2

Your historic preservation advocacy group can accomplish great things by building a good relationship with government officials.

To build your nonprofit organization's membership, you can apply many of the same strategies that businesses use to attract customers.

A professional lobbyist can be a good investment when your historic preservation group wants to do a targeted campaign.

Learn about the types of federal funding programs available for preserving a historic building or place in your community.

Your nonprofit organization's best approach toward potential conflicts of interest is to establish a policy that will prevent these conflicts.

Organizing a Publicity Event, Part 2 of 2

Learn how to plan the details to ensure your historic preservation group's event is a success.

A potential Wisconsin Historical Marker must meet the criteria for the marker topic and where it will be located.
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