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Historical Essay

Attica (Winneshiek, Milford)

Origin of Attica, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ashland County, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Atwood, David (1815 - 1889)

Newspaperman and Politician

Discover the history of David Atwood

Historical Essay

Gibbsville (Lima)

Origin of Gibbsville, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gibbsville, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Mining in Northern Wisconsin

The Boom and Bust of the 19th Century

Discover how the copper boom and bust of the 19th century permanently altered the communities of northern Wisconsin.

Lumberman and Civil War Hero

Discover the history of Col. Joseph Bailey

Historical Essay

York Island

Origin of York Island

Discover the history of York Island

Historical Essay


Orgins of Auburn, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Auburn, Wisconsin

Historical Essay


Origin of Gibson, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gibson, Wisconsin.

Politician, Congressman, Dairy and Food Expert

Discover the history of politician Henry Cullen Adams

The story of Capt. Jonathan Walker whose hand was branded with "S.S." (for "slave stealer") for assisting fugitive slaves.

Historical Essay


Origin of Ettrick, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Ettrick, Wisconsin.

Learn how the Society became the permanent home for the McCormick-International Harvester Collection.

Judge, Lawyer, Politician

Discover the history of William Francis Bailey

Historical Essay

Trade Unions in Wisconsin

Brief history of trade unions in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer

Read about the colonel of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry who was also one of the leaders of the Iron Brigade. This article includes several links.

Historical Essay

York Township

Origin of York Township, Wisconsin

Discover the history of York Township, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Paul Bunyan

America's Best-Known Folk Hero

Read about America's best-known folk hero. This article details the extensive folklore tradition surrounding the legacy of Paul Bunyan.

Historical Essay


Origin of Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

The 16th Wisconsin Infantry was organized at Camp Randall in Madison and mustered into service on January 31, 1862.

Historical Essay

Beaver Top Hat

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Top hat made from beaver felt and worn by Green Bay resident Morgan L. Martin, c. 1825. (Museum object #1968.644)
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