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Frequently Asked Questions

For owners of archaeological sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places or the State Register of Historic Places.

What to do if You Think a Cemetery is Not Being Properly Maintained

Are you concered about an overgrown or neglected cemetery? Learn what you can do to help.

Learn how archaeological sites are protected in Wisconsin.

Learn about the procedures for handling publicly-owned or abandoned burial sites.

Inquire about in-person presentations by archaeologists from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Learn what the standards and expectations are for archaeologists working within Wisconsin's human burial sites.

Find a marker’s official number, its official name and location. Also includes a map index code corresponding to the Wisconsin Official State Highway Map.

What steps should you take to research burial sites prior to conducting a field project? Read more to find out.

General Information

Alliant Energy Community Grants

Alliant Energy Foundation

Alliant Energy Foundation's community grants are directed to programs and projects that benefit Wisconsin residents and communities.

USDA Rural Development: Community and Economic Development

These grants help communities reach their long-term economic development goals through two primary programs.

Learn how this landowner turned burial sites on his land into an asset.

General Information

National Trust Preservation Funds

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Grants from the National Trust Preservation Funds encourage preservation at the local level by providing seed money for preservation projects.

Find the right insurance for your rehabilitation project.

Learn tips to ensure your roofing contractor uses best practices for your historic house.

Learn about current Wisconsin Historical Society guidelines for the documentation of human burial sites.

Learn about programs that help fund large-scale rehabilitation projects.

Learn how this landowner handled the discovery of human remains on her property.

Learn how cataloged human burial sites in Wisconsin are given greater protection under Wisconsin State Law

A Guide for Public Archeology in Wisconsin

Download the Wisconsin Archeological Survey Guidelines.

Learn the best practices for preserving the upper-floor windows and transoms on your historic building.
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