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General Information

Wisconsin Humanities Council

Greater Green Bay Area Humanities Fund

This grant program seeks to strengthen communities and enrich the cultural life in the Green Bay area.

A Guide for Public Archeology in Wisconsin

Download the Wisconsin Archeological Survey Guidelines.

What to do if You Think a Cemetery is Not Being Properly Maintained

Are you concered about an overgrown or neglected cemetery? Learn what you can do to help.

Review the most important features to maintain from your historic building's original interior design.

Ensure that your rehabilitation project follows historic preservation best practices.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

A grant program to help local governments enhance transportation projects.

Learn how to prepare metal surfaces for painting.

Who They Are and How to Join

Do you have an interest in protecting a particular cemetery or type of burial site? Learn why you should apply for the Registry of Interested Persons.

Find answers to the most common questions about Wisconsin Historical Markers.

Learn about programs that help fund large-scale rehabilitation projects.

General Information

History and Culture Grants

National Park Service

The National Park Service provides funding for the preservation, acquisition, and interpretation of various historic and cultural resources.

A list of resources for professionals recommended by the Division of Historic Preservation-Public History.

Identify and repair tile and terrazzo flooring.

Celebrate 50 Years of the National Historic Preservation Act by Visiting One of These Landmarks

Celebrate 50 Years of the National Historic Preservation Act by Visiting One of These Landmarks

Learn common causes of paint failure and preventative measures.

Learn best practices for preserving your original pressed-metal (tin) ceiling.

Guidelines to follow when you must replace an original feature in your historic building.

This grant provides funding for non-profit organizations benefitting Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Working Within the Boundaries of Cemeteries and Mound Groups

Do you need to disturb a cemetery or mound group? Planning to build, plant, or work in a cemetery or Native American mound group? Read this first.

General Information

Historic Building Window Types

Learn about the different types of windows that are found in historic buildings.
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