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Discover how storefronts were originally designed and how they have changed.

Learn how to enter the 50th Anniversary Photo Contest

Learn about trends in downtown development to better understand the context of your own building.

General Information

Wisconsin Humanities Council

Greater Green Bay Area Humanities Fund

This grant program seeks to strengthen communities and enrich the cultural life in the Green Bay area.

Learn to identify typical brick foundation problems.

Learn methods for restoring your historic storefront to its original appearance.

Review the uses of architectural epoxies on wood in a historic building.

These are static lists and may not convey the most current information about a property.

Learn to identify typical concrete block foundation problems.

Learn the basics of protecting old bricks and mortar.

Learn the eight steps in the SHPO review process for local projects.

Learn about the Certified Local Government program and how it is administered in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

A grant program to help local governments enhance transportation projects.

Review the reasons to preserve the original wood features on your historic building.

General Information

Is Your Building Historic?

Determine your building's eligibility for a historic designation and the related benefits.

USDA Rural Development: Community and Economic Development

These grants help communities reach their long-term economic development goals through two primary programs.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This grant aims to save historic environments in order to foster an appreciation of our nation's cultural heritage and revitilize communities.

Learn best practices for repairing, replacing and maintaining exterior materials for a historic building.

How to renovate upper floor space into residential units.

Learn the history of electrical wiring in Wisconsin to address problems with the electrical system in your historic building.
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