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General Information

Facade Improvement Grant program

City of Madison, Economic Development Division

Program offers grants for projects that significantly improve the visual appearance of a commercial property from the street

A Guide for Public Archeology in Wisconsin

Download the Wisconsin Archeological Survey Guidelines.

Milwaukee Department of City Development

The City of Milwaukee offers matching grants to business and property owners in commercial districts to help improve the exterior facade of properties

Learn about common problems you may encounter with your brick masonry.

USDA Rural Development

This program provides loans, grant and technical assistance to rural communites.

Learn about common problems that could occur with a historic stone building.

General Information

Wisconsin Supplementary Manual

For Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places

Find guidance for preparing a typical Wisconsin nomination to the State Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

Review the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for historic building rehabilitation projects.

Learn about the importance of the streetscape in your downtown and how to preserve it.

Learn how this landowner handled the discovery of human remains on her property.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

This fund provides nonprofit organizations and public agencies grants to assist in the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historic interiors.

Guidelines to follow when you must replace an original feature in your historic building.

Learn about the four-step application process and how to maintain CLG status.

Explore the most common problems you may encounter with your stucco exterior.

The most current list of intensive architectural surveys completed in Wisconsin.

Instructions for consultants requesting consideration for federally funded subgrant projects.

Ensure your building is compatible with the historic properties around it.

Review guidelines for building an addition to your historic commercial building.

Apply for tax credits for historic income-producing buildings in Wisconsin.

General Information

Madison Trust Grants

Madison Trust for Historic Preservation

This grant provides assistance for a project that rehabilitiates, restores or preserves a historic property in Madison, WI, or surrounding community.
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