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General Information

Dane Arts Grants

Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission

Dane Arts seeks to promote arts, culture, and local history through multiple grant opportunites.

Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation

This foundation provides financial support improve the educational and environmental resources in Dane County including historic preservation.

Find out about zoning regulations in your community.

General Information

Wisconsin Supplementary Manual

For Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places

Find guidance for preparing a typical Wisconsin nomination to the State Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

A grant program to help local governments enhance transportation projects.

Find contact information for Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPO).

Learn how to get necessary approvals for your rehabilitation project.

The most current list of intensive architectural surveys completed in Wisconsin.

This grant provides funding for non-profit organizations benefitting Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Determine which Federal, State or Local historic preservation laws apply to your project.

Explore tips for replacing or repairing roof shingles on your historic house.

See the top 10 reasons to buy and restore a historic commercial building.

Find out what the difference is between a 'Contributing' and 'Non-Contributing' property to a Historic District.

Find a marker’s official number, its official name and location. Also includes a map index code corresponding to the Wisconsin Official State Highway Map.

State of Wisconsin: Department of Admistration

This grant program helps to preserve and improve access to the natural and historic resources of Wisconsin's Great Lakes coasts

General Information

Historic Preservation Grants

The 1772 Foundation

This grant provides funds for the rebailitation and preservation of historic buldings throughout the United States.

Best practices for restoring original paint finishes.

Review types of gutters and maintenance tips for gutters on your historic house.

Discover the tax incentives available to owners of historic commercial buildings.

General Information

History and Culture Grants

National Park Service

The National Park Service provides funding for the preservation, acquisition, and interpretation of various historic and cultural resources.
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