Learn about this nonprofit volunteer organization that assists the Society in its mission of preserving, understanding and sharing history.

See the full privacy policy of the Wisconsin Historical Society Website.

Great books since 1855

Learn about about the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, including catalogs and ordering information.

This division collects and preserves the material culture of Wisconsin and interprets the state's history and prehistory for the public.

This division provides a wide range of day-to-day support and long-range planning for the Wisconsin Historical Society

Learn who serves on the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Review Board and when they meet.

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About the State Archaeology Program

Learn how the State Archaeology Program serves the public.

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Wisconsin Historical Society Leadership

See the Society's leaders and Board of Curators who care deeply about Wisconsin's rich heritage.

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About the Office of Programs and Outreach

This division helps people preserve places of enduring value and presents a fresh perspective on history through publications, programs and services.

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About the Museum Archaeology Program (MAP)

Learn about the history, outreach and services of the Society's Museum Archaeology Program.

Wisconsin Local Area Research Centers (ARCs) provide access to local government records, original manuscript collections and other resources.

Who are the Board members and what do they do? Find out here.

The Wisconsin Historical Society helps people connect to the past by collecting, preserving and sharing stories.

This division collects, preserves and makes available materials about the history of Wisconsin, the United States and North America.

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About the Wisconsin Historical Foundation

Learn about the Wisconsin Historical Foundation and see the most recent annual report.

See the full privacy policy of the Wisconsin Historical Foundation.

See the members of the Wisconsin Historical Society Board of Curators.

Learn how the Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board assists state, local and private endeavors in the preservation of historical records.

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Foundation Board

See the names of the Foundation Board members including officers, directors, emeriti and ex-officio members.

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