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Read about Wisconsin's role in the development of the environmental movement in the United States in the 20th century.

Learn more about the 1904 fire that destroyed the third Wisconsin State Capitol.

Glimpses of African-American Life in the Midwest, 1865-1934

Read about three generations of a Midwestern African-American family.

A Brief Biography of Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson

Learn how Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson were inspired as boys to create the world's largest motorcycle company.

Read an account of the French explorer who claimed much of Wisconsin for France and who traded with several Indian tribes near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Term: Dodge County Guard (Civil War) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

The Work of Blanchard Harper

Learn about the work of Blanchard Harper, a female photographer who settled near Madison, Wisconsin.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

merciless bullets rang and soldiers were slaughtered as Captain Rufus R. Dawes' 6th Wisconsin Infantry was pinned down by enemy sharpshooters.

Historical Essay

Gay Purge of 1962

Term: Gay Purge of 1962 in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

View photographs taken by Dr. Joseph Smith in the early 20th century in and around Marathon County, Wisconsin.

A Brief Biography of Mildred Fish-Harnack

Learn how Mildred Fish went from being a Madison, Wisconsin literary scholar to a Soviet spy in Germany during World War II.

Term: Dodgeville Guards (Civil War military unit) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

"Broken Star" quilt made from flour and feed sacks for a 4-H project, 1931. (Museum object #2005.115.1)

Historical Essay

Dog and Master at Antietam

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

The canine companion of Captain Werner Von Bachelle of Company F, 6th Wisconsin Infantry, proved his lasting loyalty on the battlefield

Historical Essay


Term: genealogy in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History

View a gallery of foreign film posters from the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research.

Learn about the exploits of the U.S. Army National Guard's Red Arrow Division during World War II.

A Brief Biography of Joshua Glover

Discover how the slave Joshua Glover escaped and created a new life in the North with the help of the Underground Railroad.

Term: Grant Country Patriots Civil War in Dictionary of Wisconsin History

Historical Essay

Civil War: 19th Infantry

Term: Civil War (19th Infantry) in the Dictionary of Wisconsin History
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