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Date: 1944-02-03 

Description: Two Wisconsin servicemen, Lieutenant Colonel Harvey W. Storm of Merrill and Private First Class Dorrison Buros of Viroqua, look at a notebook at the milita...

Date: 1944-01-24 

Description: "Beach Road," Robert Doyle's caption in the Milwaukee Journal said it best, "Saidor travel Bureau never reports roads impassable as long as wheels a...

Date: 1943 

Description: View down line of indigenous men, from a village near the airstrip, helping soldiers carry equipment to a camp area along a trail. Two soldiers stand off t...

Date: 1865 ca.

Description: Horace Greeley, in top hat with soldiers at the Union Army Winter Quarters.

Date: 1862 

Description: Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry officers' mess. Pictured are: Surgeon A.J. Ward, Major Thomas S. Allen, Lt. Colonel Lucius Fairchild, and Colonel Edgar...

Date: 1943-08-16 

Description: Five indigenous workers balance on timbers while building the framing for a roof on Kiriwina Island in the Solomon Sea, New Guinea (present day Papua New G...

Date: 1861 

Description: Encampments colored. Inset: Leesburg to Harpers Ferry.

Date: 1943-01-07 ca.

Description: Text attached to a print made from the negative reads, "This photo of me with a Papuan native carrier was made near Buna early in January. This fellow with...

Date: 1944-01-18 

Description: Six soldiers from Michigan pose with a captured Japanese gun. It may be a Japanese 12.7-mm (Fixed Mount) Aircraft Machine Gun. The soldiers were stationed...

Date: 1944-01-18 

Description: Robert Doyle shaves while looking in a mirror suspended from a hammock with a rain tarp in the military camp at Saidor, New Guinea (present day Papua New G...


Description: From "Illustrations of Camp Life" with four soldiers of the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry with a unit flag.

Date: 1862 

Description: "Camp Casey near Fairfax Seminary, Virginia 1st Brigade, Casey's Division". Handcolored lithograph of site of Camp Casey.

Date: 1944-02-03 

Description: Artillerymen prepare to leave their camp in Saidor, New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea) on a patrol that would last several days. They were to search...

Date: 1942-07 

Description: Two soldiers from the 14th Infantry work among lumber in Panama. One man wearing a hat squats on top of a pile of lumber while holding a hammer. Another sh...

Date: 1864 

Description: Union soldiers stand by their tents in front of a trestle bridge on the railroad line that spans a valley. A mountain is in the background. Plate 06


Description: An unidentified Civil War camp scene with raised rails.

Date: 1860 after

Description: A cavalry soldier on a horse appears on left, a military camp is seen in the background. To the right in fancy type: "Head Quarters, 2D REGT. WIS. CAVAL...

Date: 1863 

Description: Stereograph of three U.S. Army soldiers in front of tents in camp under a framework of branches.

Date: 1961-05 ca.

Description: Group of Colonel Bounchon's Lao infantrymen playing cards in the field. The soldiers sit or stand around a blanket where cards, money and cigarettes are la...

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