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Engineer Sawmill

Date: 1943-08-22 

Description: The sawmill for the engineers at the military camp on Kiriwina Island in the Solomon Sea, New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea). The soldiers are just...


Two Soldiers

Date: 1943-08-29 

Description: Two Wisconsin cousins, (left) Corporal Englund Johnson, bomber waist gunner, of Park Falls and (right) Sergeant Donald Englund, airplane engine mechanic, o...

Date: 1952 ca.

Description: Color photograph of members of the 73rd Armored Field Artillery using an M-62 wrecker to remove a damaged truck from a field at Fort Hood. The specificatio...

Date: 1943-11-05 

Description: Major Austin Henry of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, poses with an indigenous man in front of the medical tent at the military camp on Woodlark Island, in the Solom...

Date: 1893-08-06 

Description: Outdoor group portrait of Company M, 3rd Wisconsin National Guard posed in front of tents at Camp Douglas.

Date: 1860 after

Description: A soldier rides a horse with a military camp in the background. Caption below reads, "CAMP WASHBURN, MILWAUKEE - - WIS." Blue ink on beige envelope, image...

Date: 1943-09-29 

Description: A group of 32nd "Red Arrow" Division officers at Camp Cable, near Brisbane, Australia, for the awarding of the Distinguished Service Cross, the second high...

Date: 1942 

Description: Two soldiers sit and talk in Panama as one of them cleans his weapons. One man is sitting on a bed holding a machete and cleaning it with a towel. Next to...

Date: 1876 ca.

Description: A group of soldiers stand at attention in formation as a part of the 1876 Centennial Celebrations.

Date: 1943-07-17 

Description: Red Cross Field Director, G. Robert Mowerson of Ann Arbor, Michigan, works at his typewriter at Camp Cable, near Brisbane, Australia. A field telephone is...


Army Brothers

Date: 1943 

Description: A rickety ladder serves (Sergeant) Technician 4th Grade John Duray (left), and his brother, Staff Sergeant Isador Duray, both of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, in the...

Date: 1943-08-01 

Description: Three soldiers from the U.S. 6th Army Division, from Detroit, (left to right), Private Ned Zaffaramo, Private First Class Richard Rheaume and Private Kamil...


Description: General Winfield Scott Hancock and a large number of his staff officers.

Date: 1944-02-03 

Description: Two Wisconsin servicemen, Lieutenant Colonel Harvey W. Storm of Merrill and Private First Class Dorrison Buros of Viroqua, look at a notebook at the milita...

Date: 1860 after

Description: Union General George McClellan seated on a rearing horse. His saber is drawn and held over his head. A military camp appears in the background. Black ink o...

Map or Atlas

Camp Curtis Map

Date:  date unknown

Description: A hand-drawn map of Camp Curtis which was prepared for Colonel R. McMurphy.

Date: 1944-01-24 

Description: "Beach Road," Robert Doyle's caption in the Milwaukee Journal said it best, "Saidor travel Bureau never reports roads impassable as long as wheels a...

Date: 1860 after

Description: Envelope depicts a Zouave camp with five soldiers relaxing around a campfire in front of a tent. A tree branch and a drum are in the foreground. The captio...


Boys Peeling Yams

Date: 1943-08-12 

Description: Two indigenous boys peel yams on Kiriwina Island, in the Solomon Sea, New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea).

Date: 1942-07 

Description: Two soldiers from the 14th Infantry work among lumber in Panama. One man wearing a hat squats on top of a pile of lumber while holding a hammer. Another sh...

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