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Date: 1916 

Description: Jean-Marie (Owen Moore) kisses Luise D'Auvergne (Marguerite Courtot) in a still from the Famous Players film "The Kiss."

Date: 1929 ca.

Description: A photograph from the Fox Hearst film "Romance of the Reaper," The film was produced by International Harvester to celebrate the Reaper Centennial. Caption...

Date: 1928-09-02 

Description: Group portrait of the Orpheum Theater's staff of ushers.

Date: 1927 ca.

Description: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy standing on a sidewalk. They are both looking at a police officer sitting on the sidewalk holding a banana peel. Laurel is hol...


Description: Production still from the film "Porgy and Bess." Porgy (Sidney Poitier) kneels on his cart which is pulled by a goat. He passes a group of men playing dice...

Date: 1928-12 

Description: Cameramen staging a shot of a man and woman on a Farmall Regular tractor in front of farmhouse at an International Harvester demonstration farm in Gull Lak...

Date: 1961 ca.

Description: Czechoslovakian film poster for the Italian film "Rocco e i suoi fratelli." Image of a man wearing clothing illustrated with different colored paint streak...

Date: 1928 

Description: Poster for the film "Madden of the Mounted." Scene in a room of a man holding a chair and lunging towards a woman standing in an open doorway. Another man,...

Date: 1940 

Description: Herbert Marshall and Robert Benchley sit next to each other on the set of the film "Foreign Correspondent." Both wear suits; Benchley holds a script and is...

Date: 1927 ca.

Description: Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel are sitting on a park bench and listening to the insurance agent (Eugene Pallette) as he explains an insurance policy he is tr...


Leo Gordon


Description: Leo Gordon holds a knife and looks around a stone wall. He is outside on the set of the film "Riot in Cell Block 11."

Date: 1960 

Description: A costume design for a black, cross-back dress as seen in the film "The Rat Race" (Paramount 1960).

Date: 1955 ca.

Description: In this scene from "Design For Life," Contractor Saunders (right), discusses with Pharmacist Robinson (Butler Hixon) the career his son Dale (David Bain),...

Date: 1960 

Description: Pencil, ink, gouache, and watercolor design of a green skirt and matching long-sleeve, five-button sweater jacket for Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffa...

Date: 1921 

Description: Poster for the film "The Lure of a Woman." A man, woman, and a little girl are standing on the steps of a house. The little girl is reaching out to a woma...

Date: 1914 ca.

Description: Harriet Curran Kelly and her four children in a studio portrait from about 1914. From left to right the children are Eugene, Harriet, Louise, and James. Wi...

Date: 1940 

Description: Members of the cast and crew of the film "Foreign Correspondent" sitting and standing on the set.

Date: 1927 ca.

Description: Stan Laurel sitting on the sidewalk with one leg in the air. He is holding on to Oliver Hardy's coat. Hardy is holding a banana and is looking down at Laur...


Description: The cast and crew of the film "Gallant Lady" preparing to shoot a scene on a lake. The motion picture camera and crew are on a raft on the left, and are sh...

Date:  date unknown

Description: Pat O'Brien talks with Bill Marshall as they stand on the beach on the set of Knute Rockne All American. O'Brien is wearing a suit coat and dress pa...

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