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Date: 1959-10-27 

Description: Miss Agnes Griffith, Mrs. Doris Rubin, and Mrs. Ruth Towell look at some of the nursing displays at the annual meeting of the Madison Visiting Nurse Servic...

Date: 1974 

Description: A nurse examines an elderly woman in a mobile health unit operated by the Alfred University School of Nursing. The mobile health unit traveled around commu...

Date: 1931-04-27 

Description: Patients in beds with nurses on the sun porch at the Lake View Tuberculosis Sanitarium.


A Star is Born

Date: 1937-05-18 

Description: Evelyn Canfield, in Madison General Hospital bed, looks to her newborn baby, David, who won the Orpheum theater's fourth anniversary "A Star Is Born" conte...


Description: Flight nurses wearing leather suits, hoods, and oxygen masks during training in an anoxia chamber.

Date: 1960-02-01 

Description: Four new employees were added to the staff of the Visiting Nurse service, a Red Feather agency with headquarters at 2059 Atwood Avenue. They include, from...


Clara Barton


Description: Quarter-length carte-de-visite portrait of Clara Harlowe Barton. On April 20, 1862, after the First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas), she established an...

Date: 1935-04-16 

Description: A nurse in uniform stands in front of an open refrigerator, checking vials of medicines at the Wisconsin General Hospital.

Date: 1954-09-18 

Description: Three Madison General nursing students sit at a luncheon banquet table at Tripp Commons of the Memorial Union. They include Nancy Miner, Sara Lien, and Nan...


Tomac Plasma Bank

Date: 1944 

Description: A woman in a white dress, probably a nurse or volunteer, places a container into a "Tomac Plasma Bank," a refrigeration unit developed by International Har...

Date: 1936-05-25 

Description: Lake View Tuberculosis Sanatorium, 1202 Northport, and nurses' dormitory.

Date: 1959-10-27 

Description: Mrs. Betty Suhr (left) and Mrs. Jeanne Weber visit at the luncheon table during the annual meeting of the Madison Visiting Nurse Service at Maple Bluff Cou...

Date: 1951-10-16 

Description: Representing the Visiting Nurses Service is Mrs. Anna Forbis, 6112 Wingra Street. More than nine hundred volunteer workers are invovled in a house-to-hous...


Description: A woman giving Highlander nursery school children cod liver oil.


Jane Jennings

Date: 1865 ca.

Description: Vignetted carte-de-visite portrait of Jane Jennings, a Civil War nurse. She was raised in rural Green County, Wisconsin, and when her brother Guilford Jen...

Date: 1959-12-15 

Description: Attendees of the Dane County medical assistants party include Kathryn Goucher, the newly elected corresponding secretary; Nancy Day, the retiring recording...

Date: 1948-04-19 

Description: Visiting nurse Maude Rydberg of the Madison Visiting Nurse Service, shows Mrs. William E. Johnson, the former Jane Weston, the proper way to use the cotton...

Date: 1945-02 

Description: A female flight nurse during flight training with patients. She leans over the patient in a bunk bed to place a mask. The student is wearing a heavy leathe...

Date: 1954-04-06 

Description: Three members of the Dane County Medical Society Women's Auxiliary show a Nursing Career Book to Carolyn Mitchell, who will be entering nursing school. The...

Date: 1942-02-20 

Description: Nurse Alma Padgett feeds a patient from a tray of food at Mendota State Hospital (Mendota Mental Health Institute).

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