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Historical Essay


Orgins of Auburn, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Auburn, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Paul Bunyan

America's Best-Known Folk Hero

Read about America's best-known folk hero. This article details the extensive folklore tradition surrounding the legacy of Paul Bunyan.

Historical Essay

Augusta (Bridge Creek)

Origin of Augusta, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Augusta, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Giddings Mill

Origin of Giddings Mill, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Giddings Mill, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

York, Dwight A. 1939


Discover the history of Dwight A. York

Historical Essay

Chapelle, Dickey, 1919-1965

Female War Correspondent

Read about the Wisconsin born photojournalist who was one of the first female war correspondents. This article contains a link containing her photography.

Historical Essay

African American Migration

World War II and it Effect on Blacks

Discover the effects World War II had on Blacks in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Gill's Landing

Origin of Gill's Landing, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Gill's Landing, Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Adams, William (1813 - 1897)

Episcopal Clergyman

Discover the history of Episcopal clergyman William Adams

Historical Essay

WPA (in Wisconsin)

Read about the Works Progress Administration and efforts to create jobs and stimulate the economy in Wisconsin during the Great Depression.

A Wisconsin Civil War Story

On March 26, 1914, Chief Big Sky of the Flambeau Band of the Ojibwe Indians described how he captured an eaglet from its nest in the spring of 1861

Historical Essay


Origin of Exeter, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Exeter, Wisconsin

Historical Essay

Gale, Zona, 1874-1938

Pulitzer Prize for Drama

This novelist based much of her writings on her hometown of Portage, Wisconsin. She became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama.

Historical Essay

Manufacturing in Wisconsin

Brief history of manufacturing in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Civil War Officer, Politician

Read about the Norwegian immigrant who became colonel to the predominately Norwegian 15th Wisconsin Infantry during the Civil War.

Historical Essay

York, Stanley 1931


Discover the history of Stanley York

Historical Essay


Origin of Avoca, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Avoca, Wisconsin

Historical Essay


Origin of Montrose, Wisconsin

Discover the history of Montrose, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Civil War Regiment

The 46th Wisconsin Infantry was organized at Camp Randall in Madison and mustered into service on March 2, 1865, only a few weeks before the war ended.

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Reclining seat designed by Brooks Stevens for one of the Milwaukee Road's Hiawatha luxury railroad cars, 1948 (Museum object #1991.92)
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